Episode 5: Wake Up Sunshine Day

Blah blah blah this is The Moshpit. Blah blah blah pop-punk podcast. Blah blah blah music news. WHO CARES? I mean you definitely should but you should care MORE about Wake Up Sunshine Day! That's right. Wake Up Sunshine was released on April 3rd, 2020 and after spending some time with the newest album in All Time Low's discography, the ladies of The Moshpit are ready to break it down track by track by track. Is their favorite song, your favorite song? Kelly's probably is the same as yours. But that's because every song is her favorite. Can they rap Blackbear's part in Monsters flawlessly? Spoiler alert: Michelle totally can. So can Brianne and Kelly. But Michelle did it first! What's the prevalent conspiracy theory related to this album? Ask Brianne, the resident Paramore expert and conspiracy theorist. Unrelated but also semi-related, she also holds the title of Scene Grandma. Don't miss this episode full of all your typical Moshpit shenanigans just laser-focused on Wake Up Sunshine!

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Brianne 0:00

Also conspiracy theory part one and I have like a bunch about this whole album. Um all time low started Corona

Michelle 0:36

wake up my sunshines we are opening up the moshpit. I am one of your rebel hosts Michelle here with my partners of pop punk. Brianne and Kelly say Hello my fellow emo advocates.

Kelly 0:48

Hello, this is Kelly. Thanks for listening today. We're excited to have you.

Brianne 0:53

Hey guys, having fun. It's it's I'm sorry, I was just really depressed about this whole Corona nonsense which I'm majoring

Michelle 1:00

Which What are we drinking Brianne?

Brianne 1:02

Everything is Wine and nothing matters

Michelle 1:06

hell yeah that's good. You should have like a pop punk princess oh my god wait oh you are

oh my god oh my god so you guys can see the direction the episode is heading in. So we'll just kind of get into it because we've got a lot to get through today like an entire frickin album. That is right. I hope you realize my intro you know wake up my sunshines and all that jazz means that it is wake up sunshine day. So back in 2012 when baby Michelle baby Brianne and baby Kelly were in college and the moshpit was still radio show. We had don't panic day, which was a wonderful day and it was celebrating the release of all time lows album Don't panic. So in following with moshpit traditions, we are now going to dedicate days and slash episodes to new albums. So get ready for moshpit holidays that are going to be a mouthful because in the near future we're also going to have forever and ever times infinity day and all distortions are intentional day. And all that you guys have. I did I just kind of went for it. You know,

Brianne 2:13

I'm so proud of you. Sorry to cut you off.

Michelle 2:16

No, it's fine. But uh,

yeah, so before we get into the track by track of wake up sunshine, we're kind of mixing up our format today we're going to go straight into music news. So last time, we gave you a whole episode about COVID-19 as much as we want to get past it, you know, it's, it's here for the time being and it's a huge part of our lives.

Kelly 2:42

Yeah, starting off with some sad COVID-19 news so that hopefully we can move towards more happy news later in this episode, but Adam lead singer of Fountains of Wayne died at age 52 from complications related to Coronavirus. Just you know loss of an icon that's always absolutely terrible. And then in combination with all of the other kind of losses and craziness going on in the music industry, there have been tons of tributes on social media, in remembrance of Adam from actors, musicians, other celebrities. And so those those tributes are great to see. Something that was kind of interesting when I was reading a little bit more about Adam and fountains of Wayne was the drummer of Fountains of Wayne was actually had actually tried to convince Adam to not release and record Stacy's mom, which is obviously, you know, a hit song and kind of what fountains of Wayne is known for, and so he was trying to convince the band to not put out the song because he knew it was gonna be a hit. And he knew everyone was gonna love it. And that would be kind of what Adam in the band were remembered for.

Michelle 4:11

And he was right.

Kelly 4:12

And he was so right. But he kind of was making the point that Adam should be remembered for so much more. And he had, you know, he's written and performed some really amazing songs. And so yeah, just a really sad piece of news there.

Michelle 4:30

Yeah, I mean, fountains of Wayne I've heard a couple of their songs aside for Stacy's mom, but that's what I've always known fountains of Wayne by but since there's the news of Adam Schlesinger, I started listening to more and my god I missed out in all these years, and, you know, if if you haven't heard his music beyond Stacy's mom, definitely go check out some of that out. Because you know why you should go check out that music because we're not gonna To be getting any live music anytime soon. So obviously, we all know our concerts are getting canceled and postponed. And you know, we're hoping that hopefully by the summer we'll be able to go see our favorite bands. But you better start preparing yourselves for the possibility of no concerts until Ba ba ba fall 2021 Yeah, so there was a New York Times story discussing the impacts of the virus. And live music came up in that aspect and you know, not just live music, sporting events, all these things that you know, people go and do. They were talking about it and there was one oncologist and bioethicist, Zeke Emanuel, who said that, you know, restarting everything's got to be done in stages. And, you know, there's certain kinds of things where you, you know, you can maintain six foot distances and it's more reasonable to start sooner but large gatherings, conferences, concerts, sporting events, you know, saying they're going to reschedule it for the fall that's just so unlikely and he said realistically, we're talking fall 2021 at the earliest and now look obviously we all know it's it's crazy right now and you know there's just so much unknown about this especially we're not we don't know when we're gonna have a vaccine and you know, there might be resurgence has come summer come fall, but you know, things are going to be changing rapidly in the next couple of months. So hopefully, you know, maybe if not by the fall by the spring, I really hoping that I don't have to wait over a year to go to a concert, because I will die. Corona will kill me indirectly.

Kelly 6:43

That was dark. It was dark.

Brianne 6:47

It was dark. I just, I'm just trying to think like, I've got one, two concerts, two concerts. It have three. Yeah. I've got um, The hella mega tour or whatever, and then I've got I've got that which is our genre, but then I have the Backstreet Boys. Oh, me too, because I'm a 90s chicks so it's fine. Um, but those those are in the the ones in the summer one's in the fall and either way like I was I was hoping that it was going to be saved but like it deep down I was like

Michelle 7:26

yeah, I don't think sad summer fest is gonna go on.

Brianne 7:29

Oh, I know and I'm sad and I'm also not sad about it because the one show I wanted to go to was like the one weekend I couldn't go right. Like maybe we maybe reschedule? It's like Yeah,

Michelle 7:40

but now I'm like worried that I'm not gonna even be able to go see neck deep in December.

Kelly 7:44

Oh yeah, I bought those too I forgot about those.

Michelle 7:47

Yeah, so yeah, cuz it's so far out. I know. But I guess it looks like we're all gonna be getting used to live streams. And speaking of live streams since they're the newest concert for the time being, it's time for another concert etiquette segment.

Brianne 8:06

Shouldn't it be livestream etiquette considering the fact that you're not I don't want to I don't want to actually say it because it just makes me sad. But you know

Michelle 8:23

it's a little bit easier to be a polite human in live streams. So we don't really have much for you

Brianne 8:30

here Yeah, if you suck in a live stream then you are a monster.

Kelly 8:33

Okay, there are totally trolls in the chat heard of like live stream Oh, is that your thing? Okay, so that's

Michelle 8:40

no you gotta kel that's where I was going with it like we're not you know there's there's very little you can do to be an asshole in a livestream. But you know if you're that person that is just like copy and pasting the same message over and over again for them to see like, Oh, my God, I love you marry me or something like really annoying. Don't do it because Cuz like, you, I know you can kind of like make not look at the live like the chat but like, it's still there. It's annoying. Like, we're there all to see the band's like, Yeah, I know, like they, they kind of try to interact, but you know, it's a live stream performance for the most part unless it's like a q&a then you know, I don't know, send messages to your heart's content, whatever, but but you know, it's it's I think it's pretty easy to be a polite concert goer in a live stream. So there we go.

Kelly 9:29

Great advice. Thanks.

Brianne 9:31

Um, so on that whole note of like, not being able to go to concerts and whatnot means most of us I mean, you know, it's not the only way to get merch but a good amount of us usually get merch when we go to a concert, you know, cuz no one wants to pay for shipping who pays for shipping now these days? anywho. Um, but

Michelle 9:48

because we have no we have amazon prime, nobody pays for shipping

Brianne 9:52

real life. So, um, so because of that Thursday, the the band Thursday, revealed week ago that they would be using their unsold merch