Episode 4: Music in the Time of Corona

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Episode 4: Music in the Time of Corona


So COVID19 is still running amok (amok amok amok) and the ladies of The Moshpit lean into it for a Coronavirus themed episode. The stay at home orders across the U.S. and the rest of the world are impacting the music scene. From album release date changes to live stream concerts, Music in the Time of Corona is quite the era of music.  And instead of the usual Band Spotlight, everything is flipped on its head for the Corona episode and instead of talking about a band, Michelle, Brianne, and Kelly talk TO a band from the Pacific Northwest, College Radio. 

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Michelle 0:27

We'd hit South Broadway in a matter of minutes but like a disaster movie, I'm in quarantine. Fall in a grave if I don't stay by myself, but there's room for gatherings of two, six feet apart under the stars. I totally fucked it up. [laughs]

Brianne 0:45

Yeah a little bit. It's okay.

Kelly 0:46

I think it's okay. Good effort.

Brianne 0:48

Keep it in. Keep it in.

Michelle 0:50

Well that's your COVID karaoke right now for this episode of The Moshpit. Episode Four! Are you ready for more. Michelle here, with my lovely co-hosts. Yes, that is plural because I've got Kelly AND Brianne has recovered from the Corona or whatever the fuck it was that she had. How are you feeling, Brianne?

Brianne 1:14

I'd just like to point out that I do not have Corona. I had like super bad allergies leading into like the first week of everyone freaking out about Corona. Everyone was like joking that I had it, then I lost my voice. And then everyone was like, oh, you really have it. And I'm like, that's not a symptom. It's been good. I've had this nasty cough that's hung on for dear life ever since. So every once in a while, you're gonna hear me kind of coughing in my arm. But I feel fine. Otherwise, it's just annoying more than anything. And I have my voice back. So yay.

Michelle 1:45

I'm so glad that you know we're in different states because if we were recording together that would be a cause for concern. But we're glad to have you back. We had tons of fun without you, but we missed you.

Brianne 1:58

Missed you guys too.

Kelly 1:59

So much. Did you listen to our episode? Bri?

Brianne 2:03

Not yet. I have been meaning to it's been on my Spotify list, but I've been there's been so much going on like, because I've been working from home that I find myself doing a lot more, which is weird. So I haven't had time to actually listen to any podcasts like, I think yesterday I listened to like six hours worth of podcasts. I'm still a week behind.

Michelle 2:22

Wow, look at you. So productive.

Brianne 2:25

I know I'm trying to stay productive.

Michelle 2:27

There you go. Well, we have an absolutely sublime show for you guys today. After we blather on about music things and music news. We have a real treat in store. But that's not until later. So on with the show. And as much as we want to escape it. It is everywhere. And I mean, we were literally just talking about it three seconds ago. It's absolutely permeated the music scene. So we're going to start the show with... bum bum bum... Music in the Time of Corona. And let me start with a quote from Love in the Time of Cholera. You know, you get where we're going here. He allowed himself to be swayed by his conviction that human beings are not born once and for all of the day their mothers give birth to them, but that life obliges them over and over again to give birth to themselves. And now, this, this has absolutely nothing to do with Coronavirus, but I'm gonna make it work. So, you know, we're all quarantined here, we're all quarantined. And, you know, we've got time on our hands that we didn't really have before. You know, despite a lot of us working from home and whatever, and you know, life obliges them to give birth themselves over and over again. So this is a time to you know, what, as much as you know, we want to consume all the content that's out there. We want to, you know, listen to all the music, you know what, create for yourselves, do things for yourselves even, you know, develop a hobby, you know, put, do whatever you've been putting off for three months. This is the time for you to self care, right, guys?

Brianne 3:55

Yeah, I'd like to, I'd like to point out that we started this podcast at the perfect time. Because we learned how to record this from afar, before quarantining was cool.

Kelly 4:07


Brianne 4:09

No like, all of the podcasts I listen to, they're all like, our audio is shitty. We're trying to figure it out. And we're like, Nah, we got this.

Kelly 4:15

We got this.

Michelle 4:17

Nailed it.

Kelly 4:18


Michelle 4:19

But yeah, you know, um, and it's not just everybody out there, but all the artists out there are definitely scrambling to kind of stay relevant now that they're not able to perform for us and things, but I think a lot of them are taking this time for, you know, developing their music and kind of pushing their own boundaries. But, you know, that is definitely all this current stuff is definitely changing the music scene as we know it.

Brianne 4:52

Yeah. So the biggest thing that I've noticed when it comes to like Music in the Time of Corona is the fact that people or artists are albums are either changing dates or staying the same. So this two of them aren't in our music genre, per se, but it's still like, applicable. So Dua Lipa was supposed to release her album on April 3, she actually pushed it up to march 27, talking about how she wanted to get content out there. And, you know, people are needed in need of some kind of distraction or happiness. So they're focusing, she's trying to focus on that, and complete opposite. Lady Gaga was supposed to release her album on April 10. And she has pushed it back saying, This is the time to focus on our health care workers. And you know, this time of tragedy and how we all need to band together and not worry about frivolous things like music. So two completely opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to Outlook on things. And then our men all time low, have decided to keep their album release on time, because they are on the same track of like people need to, you know, distraction and happiness. brought into their lives and they hope that they can help do that. So it's just crazy to see every like different artists taking a different, like idea of how Corona is impacting their music and whatnot.

Michelle 5:30

Totally. So we will see on all time though, because we did issue a challenge to our listeners last week to make them release it early. I know we're only six days out they've released like three third of the album, but we still have time for the rest of the album to come out early.

Brianne 5:35

I'm gonna say if you just want to keep leaking one song Yeah, every couple days I'm chill with that you don't have to do a mass drop like Beyonce like it's cool.

Michelle 5:39

Yeah, I'd be cool cuz that's kind of like spreading it out because I've lost track of time right now so like it's like something new every day to keep me like sane would be great.

Brianne 5:43

What what day of the week is it guys like I'm not even gonna lie like I know it's the weekend but I'm not sure what date

Michelle 5:46

It is Sunday because you know what Sunday's are for the moshpit.

Brianne 5:47

True, very true.

Michelle 5:49

Hashtag. But, uh, aside from album releases, and there has been tons of have new music coming out. So we'll see how that continues to impact them because we know new found glory has a new album coming out. And there's tons more that are coming out. But as we've seen for the last few weeks, concerts are being canceled and postponed. Thankfully, so far, none of mine have been canceled because I hadn't actually gotten a ticket for anything in the near future. Just the sad summer fest is I think my next thing, but we'll see if that even stays on it might end up getting postponed or something because it is early summer. So you know, if everybody does stay indoors and you know, like we should be, we can hopefully be out by the summer and sad summer festival go on without a hitch.

Brianne 6:15

Well, it's also just a sad summer is also happening in a lot of major cities, which is where the coronavirus is hitting hardest, so it's even worse because if they don't buckle down like Newark is frickin decimated. And the New York show is located, like, legit on the river, like really close to downtown Manhattan. So it's like,

Michelle 6:24

that show will not happen. It's I mean, it's, uh, they're calling it the new Wuhan. Right?

Brianne 6:27