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Episode 4: Music in the Time of Corona

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Episode 4: Music in the Time of Corona


So COVID19 is still running amok (amok amok amok) and the ladies of The Moshpit lean into it for a Coronavirus themed episode. The stay at home orders across the U.S. and the rest of the world are impacting the music scene. From album release date changes to live stream concerts, Music in the Time of Corona is quite the era of music.  And instead of the usual Band Spotlight, everything is flipped on its head for the Corona episode and instead of talking about a band, Michelle, Brianne, and Kelly talk TO a band from the Pacific Northwest, College Radio. 

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Michelle 0:27

We'd hit South Broadway in a matter of minutes but like a disaster movie, I'm in quarantine. Fall in a grave if I don't stay by myself, but there's room for gatherings of two, six feet apart under the stars. I totally fucked it up. [laughs]

Brianne 0:45

Yeah a little bit. It's okay.

Kelly 0:46

I think it's okay. Good effort.

Brianne 0:48

Keep it in. Keep it in.

Michelle 0:50

Well that's your COVID karaoke right now for this episode of The Moshpit. Episode Four! Are you ready for more. Michelle here, with my lovely co-hosts. Yes, that is plural because I've got Kelly AND Brianne has recovered from the Corona or whatever the fuck it was that she had. How are you feeling, Brianne?

Brianne 1:14

I'd just like to point out that I do not have Corona. I had like super bad allergies leading into like the first week of everyone freaking out about Corona. Everyone was like joking that I had it, then I lost my voice. And then everyone was like, oh, you really have it. And I'm like, that's not a symptom. It's been good. I've had this nasty cough that's hung on for dear life ever since. So every once in a while, you're gonna hear me kind of coughing in my arm. But I feel fine. Otherwise, it's just annoying more than anything. And I have my voice back. So yay.

Michelle 1:45

I'm so glad that you know we're in different states because if we were recording together that would be a cause for concern. But we're glad to have you back. We had tons of fun without you, but we missed you.

Brianne 1:58

Missed you guys too.

Kelly 1:59

So much. Did you listen to our episode? Bri?

Brianne 2:03

Not yet. I have been meaning to it's been on my Spotify list, but I've been there's been so much going on like, because I've been working from home that I find myself doing a lot more, which is weird. So I haven't had time to actually listen to any podcasts like, I think yesterday I listened to like six hours worth of podcasts. I'm still a week behind.

Michelle 2:22

Wow, look at you. So productive.

Brianne 2:25

I know I'm trying to stay productive.

Michelle 2:27

There you go. Well, we have an absolutely sublime show for you guys today. After we blather on about music things and music news. We have a real treat in store. But that's not until later. So on with the show. And as much as we want to escape it. It is everywhere. And I mean, we were literally just talking about it three seconds ago. It's absolutely permeated the music scene. So we're going to start the show with... bum bum bum... Music in the Time of Corona. And let me start with a quote from Love in the Time of Cholera. You know, you get where we're going here. He allowed himself to be swayed by his conviction that human beings are not born once and for all of the day their mothers give birth to them, but that life obliges them over and over again to give birth to themselves. And now, this, this has absolutely nothing to do with Coronavirus, but I'm gonna make it work. So, you know, we're all quarantined here, we're all quarantined. And, you know, we've got time on our hands that we didn't really have before. You know, despite a lot of us working from home and whatever, and you know, life obliges them to give birth themselves over and over again. So this is a time to you know, what, as much as you know, we want to consume all the content that's out there. We want to, you know, listen to all the music, you know what, create for yourselves, do things for yourselves even, you know, develop a hobby, you know, put, do whatever you've been putting off for three months. This is the time for you to self care, right, guys?

Brianne 3:55

Yeah, I'd like to, I'd like to point out that we started this podcast at the perfect time. Because we learned how to record this from afar, before quarantining was cool.

Kelly 4:07


Brianne 4:09

No like, all of the podcasts I listen to, they're all like, our audio is shitty. We're trying to figure it out. And we're like, Nah, we got this.

Kelly 4:15

We got this.

Michelle 4:17

Nailed it.

Kelly 4:18


Michelle 4:19

But yeah, you know, um, and it's not just everybody out there, but all the artists out there are definitely scrambling to kind of stay relevant now that they're not able to perform for us and things, but I think a lot of them are taking this time for, you know, developing their music and kind of pushing their own boundaries. But, you know, that is definitely all this current stuff is definitely changing the music scene as we know it.

Brianne 4:52

Yeah. So the biggest thing that I've noticed when it comes to like Music in the Time of Corona is the fact that people or artists are albums are either changing dates or staying the same. So this two of them aren't in our music genre, per se, but it's still like, applicable. So Dua Lipa was supposed to release her album on April 3, she actually pushed it up to march 27, talking about how she wanted to get content out there. And, you know, people are needed in need of some kind of distraction or happiness. So they're focusing, she's trying to focus on that, and complete opposite. Lady Gaga was supposed to release her album on April 10. And she has pushed it back saying, This is the time to focus on our health care workers. And you know, this time of tragedy and how we all need to band together and not worry about frivolous things like music. So two completely opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to Outlook on things. And then our men all time low, have decided to keep their album release on time, because they are on the same track of like people need to, you know, distraction and happiness. brought into their lives and they hope that they can help do that. So it's just crazy to see every like different artists taking a different, like idea of how Corona is impacting their music and whatnot.

Michelle 5:30

Totally. So we will see on all time though, because we did issue a challenge to our listeners last week to make them release it early. I know we're only six days out they've released like three third of the album, but we still have time for the rest of the album to come out early.

Brianne 5:35

I'm gonna say if you just want to keep leaking one song Yeah, every couple days I'm chill with that you don't have to do a mass drop like Beyonce like it's cool.

Michelle 5:39

Yeah, I'd be cool cuz that's kind of like spreading it out because I've lost track of time right now so like it's like something new every day to keep me like sane would be great.

Brianne 5:43

What what day of the week is it guys like I'm not even gonna lie like I know it's the weekend but I'm not sure what date

Michelle 5:46

It is Sunday because you know what Sunday's are for the moshpit.

Brianne 5:47

True, very true.

Michelle 5:49

Hashtag. But, uh, aside from album releases, and there has been tons of have new music coming out. So we'll see how that continues to impact them because we know new found glory has a new album coming out. And there's tons more that are coming out. But as we've seen for the last few weeks, concerts are being canceled and postponed. Thankfully, so far, none of mine have been canceled because I hadn't actually gotten a ticket for anything in the near future. Just the sad summer fest is I think my next thing, but we'll see if that even stays on it might end up getting postponed or something because it is early summer. So you know, if everybody does stay indoors and you know, like we should be, we can hopefully be out by the summer and sad summer festival go on without a hitch.

Brianne 6:15

Well, it's also just a sad summer is also happening in a lot of major cities, which is where the coronavirus is hitting hardest, so it's even worse because if they don't buckle down like Newark is frickin decimated. And the New York show is located, like, legit on the river, like really close to downtown Manhattan. So it's like,

Michelle 6:24

that show will not happen. It's I mean, it's, uh, they're calling it the new Wuhan. Right?

Brianne 6:27


Michelle 6:27

So, ya know, it's, um, it's definitely impacting a lot. And you know, the more that people ignore the warnings, the longer this is gonna pan out, and the longer we're all gonna not be able to do the things we enjoy. Because like, I mean, I know we all would have died if this had happened to us, like, at like our prime concert going days, like back in high school in college. I mean, I still concerts are my self care. And I go to probably at minimum once a month, and it keeps me sane. And so we'll see how I'm doing a month from now. But, you know, it's, uh, I didn't realize that the last concert I went to was going to be the last one for a while and I mean, thankfully it was a good one. Yeah. Pride and disaster which we talked about on episode three, if you guys want to check that out, we're on Spotify, Google podcasts now. So just plugging ourselves in our podcasts a little meta for you guys

Brianne 7:11

um, I'd also like to say like I'm very lucky because of living in Jacksonville Florida there is not a lot of shows especially not a lot of like punk rock pop punk shows. So last show I went to have our genre was all time low last April I think, like oh wow, I'm very deprived down here. So like for me, I'm just like that. They weren't

Michelle 9:11

like the next show. Me. Would you call that lucky though?

Brianne 9:14

I mean, I'm lucky now because now I don't like feel deprived because I'm just like used to it. But the next show that I have is going to be over the summer in August. I think the I forget the name of the tour. It's someone with Green Day Weezer and Fall out boy

Kelly 9:27

mega something. hella mega tour. something like that? So

Brianne 9:30

I've got I've got tickets to that so but that's also in like the Jaguars stadium so if anything is going to get canceled if it's still going on to it like that late late summer please god no, I yeah, they would cancel that one because it's a huge show and there's many thousands of people there.

Michelle 9:44

Yeah, they would definitely do that. Yeah, that's a it's a tough it's definitely a it's a huge impact and I mean, it not only affects the fans that obviously affects the bands, you know, as we will discuss it, there's our as we've been discussing, there's a just so much is changing in the way that bands are connecting with us.

Kelly 10:04

Yeah, one of the things I've seen a lot are live streams are live concerts or just like acoustic sets that people are doing. Yeah, so so many over mostly like Instagram video or YouTube or Facebook Live. So there's like a lot of different platforms that support it for them, which is really good. But I've seen so much of that and I feel like I'm surprised it didn't take off kind of more before all of this Corona stuff started happening. I feel like it's like the modern like concert. It's like we get to sit in our bed and listen to a concert

Brianne 10:41

was that if you actually think about it, most of our artists revenue come from touring, right? Like like album sales like at the money but like their big moneymaker is tour so the fact that they can't tour a lot of artists are hurting so they're trying to keep their fans enticed with these Yeah, free ones being like, when everything's over, come come to my actual tour. Yeah, it's gonna be great. Yeah.

Michelle 11:44

And I think they also have the time right now, you know, to do all these live streams. It's kind of like, how the film industry is just, you know it for going releasing to theaters. Straight. straight to dvd Yeah, that's what's happening in the music scene. Today

Kelly 12:00

Yeah, so something I've seen a couple times not like widespread, but I've seen a couple people have a sign up in the back of their live stream with their Venmo tag. Or, like, some people will do like a charity or something like that. But it's like, when I saw that I was like, This is like the modern day Corona version of busking. And when I said that Bri and Michelle were like, what is busking? I don't know why I know that word. I'm not really sure why I know it, but it's, it just means street performing. So when musicians perform on the street with like, their guitar case, open, yeah, for tips and stuff like that. So this just really seems like the modern day busking and they're just kind of performing for their fans and doing it in a social distancing way. But I feel like that's a really good idea. I feel like that's a great idea for for artists to have some sort of, you know, way that their fans can contribute to them if they're able, you know, along with buying their merch and stuff like that.

Brianne 13:15

So I'm gonna go off on a tangent super quick but it's kind of ties in. So a girl in one of the Facebook groups I'm in was like, Hey, I was laid off because I'm a bartender. If you guys want to tell me what's in your liquor cabinet in your, like your Corona, like quarantine all give you recipes and here's my Venmo it's for tips. And I mean, it's crazy that people are doing what they can in this situation because like so many people are getting laid off at work and whatnot. So it's it's very similar to this whole thing.

Michelle 13:44

100% Yeah, I mean, you gotta hustle because we're, the relief is coming a little later than anticipated and it's definitely not going to be enough for a lot of people. So I mean, for last thing I saw was like 3.3 million People claimed employment last month and I mean, I don't know the letters. It was last week. That's what I meant. That's what Yeah. Oh, I don't know the numbers in general, but I feel like that's a little high.

Brianne 14:10

It's four times the highest one ever. Like oh, there Yeah. But I listen to a lot of political podcasts I

Michelle 14:16

Brianne with the stats.

Brianne 14:21

So guys, it's an insanely high,

Michelle 14:22

they gotta hustle I mean, and like we said, if it's important to you support your bands in any way you can and I mean, watch their live streams. And I mean, it's it it is, like we said, it's the modern day. It's like the new concerts so you pay you pay to go to a concert pay for their live stream, right? Yeah. And you know, I mean, we all are working from home so we we don't have the spare time that other people do. Thankfully, we all still have our jobs but you do get a little stir crazy. I definitely have been getting cabin fever. Music has definitely been helping me through it and Animal Crossing. So I don't have to listen to the music from Animal Crossing because that shit will drive you insane I put on like a nice put on pop punk not dead playlist or, you know all this new music that we've been getting. I've been listening to a lot of that too. And I actually incorporated my my love of music into my Animal Crossing. If you follow us @moshpitpod on Twitter, you'll see that I retweeted somebody who used designs to create album covers to put on their wall in their house in Animal Crossing, so I did the same. And I'll post a picture on my wall. It looks really cool. I've got some all time low. I've got some My Chemical Romance. I've got broadside neck deep state champs broadside. I think I said already. Yeah. Yeah. So well. I'm really excited about broadside and you'll see why. Haha, teaser. What about you guys? Is music helping you through the quarantine.

Brianne 16:00

Yeah I mean for me I I edit video all day so listening to the same like especially video for news so listening to the same like duh duh dun kind of music over and over and over again trying to get the edits right the second I'm off the clock or the second that I'm you know on my lunch break I blast the playlist whatever I can get um I've been listening to obviously a lot the new all time low stuff but I've been driving well not driving him nuts but thank God for my boyfriend he has been very understanding of me just ran all of a sudden he'll just hear from downstairs blasting random music while he's in the guest bedroom working and he's just like I'm on a sales call Can you turn it down?

Kelly 16:41


Brianne 16:42

Yes, I'm like, yeah, we need to pay our bills so that's fair. I'll turn down. yeah, no, it's been helping a lot. It's it's a nice distraction. And like you said the the new content is really what's going like get me through for sure.

Brianne 17:00

Yeah, same here. I mean, me and my boyfriend are both working in like a very small space, both kind of like in our living room working. So it kind of feels like we're just like in our cubes at work and I still have to use my headphones because he'll normally be on a call at the same time I'm on a call. So in that aspect like nothing feels like it changed because I just put put on my headphones at work and like, jam out to music all day long anyway. So that part has kind of stayed the same. But having new music to listen to does I feel like get me through the day. Sometimes it's really exciting to have something even like the day before or like when you know a new song is coming out it like gives you something to be excited about. I also like obviously I was talking about live streams a second ago. I have been watching a lot of those and I feel like it gives me something to do on my phone other than like look at Corona news. Which is like, great to have something else to do.

Michelle 18:09

For sure. I definitely look at so much corona news

Brianne 18:13

Yeah, and I try not to because it gets me freaked out but yeah, I've been uh, the other thing I did was finally I finally ordered all time low's wine, which like this that was like a big push for me. I've wanted it for so long and the shipping was just like outrageously expensive. So I kept putting it off, but I now have two beautiful bottles sitting in my wine rack ready for me. Probably this week.

Brianne 18:42

I'm still debating on if I should buy some.

Michelle 18:44

I still have mine from the first shipment so I have not touched them yet.

Kelly 18:48

Oh, I definitely I know we should do a tasting or something and do a do a wine review the order.

Brianne 18:55

Okay. I like the fact you're giving me excuse to order it and spend stupid amount of money on shipping.

Kelly 19:00

You're welcome.

Michelle 19:01

Yeah. Next Next, next episode, we're gonna do a wine tasting on air see if

Brianne 19:06

Well, we'll see if I can get it in time. Hopefully I can,

Michelle 19:08

but maybe the episode after.

Brianne 19:11

I'll order it today so that way we'll hopefully get here before next episode. Hey,

Brianne 19:15

you could pay the extra $10 in rush shipping.

Brianne 19:19

Yeah, spend just as much more than I pay for a normal bottle of wine. Exactly. No.

Michelle 19:28

Well, I hope all of you are staying safe out there. So social distancing as fuck and letting music flow through you. And relief. I don't know what I'm saying. But

Kelly 19:42

clearly, Michelle is going crazy, obviously.

Brianne 19:47

wasnt Completely sane before all this started fair. Yeah,

Michelle 19:51

that's fair. Okay. Yeah, I'll take that. Whatever, it's true. I'm not gonna deny it. But that's all we've got. Music in the time of Corona, I was gonna say cholera. I like the actual like we don't have cholera. I know Bri you don't like news jingles bump Bump, bump, bump, boom, time for music news.

Brianne 20:26

They just kind of just kind of kill my soul When I hear him on the weekend. So it's but I'll let it slide.

Michelle 20:33

Alright, so for music news today, Kelly's gonna start us off.

Kelly 20:37

Oh, I'm gonna start us off. Okay. So, also, I mean, like, everything is like still kind of related to Corona stuff. But anyway, Spotify is adding an option for artists platforms, or on the artists platforms, I guess where their listeners can actually donate to them or a charity of their choice. And Spotify will match the donation. So I think that's an awesome thing that they're doing. And so Spotify I think will match up to 10 million to listeners, yeah, that are donating to, like, music related or like music relief charities, so like music cares and, and those type of charities and foundations. So I think that's awesome.

Michelle 21:33

That's awesome. That's really fantastic. Just another way to help in this time where everybody is struggling. But dope, but on a finally not corona related note Finally, finally, or maybe it is a little Corona related because we haven't heard from them in a while. So you know, this was the time for him to finally be like, I'm doing it. So Broadside has signed to sharp tone Records and released a new song called foolish believer. First of all, I don't think I've actually ever heard of sharp tone records.

Brianne 22:11

I don't think I had either. No, yes.

Michelle 22:13

But you know, I'm excited though that they're on. I don't know. We were signed before, I don't know if they're on what they were on before, but I'm glad they're on a new record and moving forward with music. Ollie Baxxter, the singer and front man said you know, he's a he had there's a quote here about the song. He said when I was 11 years old, I would sit on the edge of my bed and look at the cheap Walmart mirror hanging on the back of my bedroom door and pity the reflection. I realized at a young age I hated being alone, even though I was incredibly good at it. Now as an adult, I find myself chasing the dream that feels unattainable in hopes that I don't have to see what I once did. I pay my own rent. I can afford to buy a mirror but the reflection still feels the same. I just want to be remembered. That's the The moral of the song. And you know, I think you hear that in a lot of broadside's, music, it's, you know, I he's chasing this dream and people don't believe in Him and He wants better for himself. But honestly, I mean, yeah, they're not a huge band, but I think they've acquired a relatively good level of success. I mean, I hear broadside more and more and in my pop punk groups and everything like I people like them and I this new song. I mean, Ollie Baxxter has a very distinctive voice. So it felt very broadside. And but I really loved it. It felt a lot like their first album versus the last one. paradise that that was that was that the last name of the last album? God I'm the worst with album names.

Kelly 22:46

i dont Remember?

Michelle 23:04

Yeah, no, the first one was a old bones. And then it was Oh, yeah, for that. Yeah, that's the one that had coffee talk and All of those awesome songs, but ya know it's a it's a it's definitely a great song and you can in his voice like what he's talking about and like chasing these dreams you can hear the desperation almost in his voice of trying to chase that dream and catch it and it's uh you know, I'm I'm a big fan of broadside I'm looking forward to more new music.

Brianne 24:23

So speaking of new music, transition, um, all time low has released we were talking about before how they've been releasing new songs off the album trying to get them ready for the new album release. So trouble is is the most recent release of the all time lows new songs. I personally love it. I mean, it's not sleeping in level but it's still it's a solid song. Um, Alex, the lead singer of all time low duh, said this about the song. We've talked about them enough. I'm allowed to say duh. If you don't listen to our podcast and realize the fact that we're just all obsessed with all time low well then clearly you You need to go back and listen to all our old episodes,

Michelle 25:03

actually, because we need to listen.

Brianne 25:08

So Alex on the song says, I also, I also really like the subject matter, which is about these people who exit your atmosphere, and then come back in and it kind of rattles your entire world, you realize that you've never dealt with those feelings when they disappeared. It's a cool topic and a cool bit of music for it to live in. huge fan, I really liked the song. I played it for my boyfriend and he's like, he's listened to more like rap and stuff, but he didn't like it. He has a very interesting comment about the melancholy Kaleidoscope opening so I'm gonna wait till we get to that part because quite funny. But yeah, I really liked what you guys think of the new one.

Michelle 25:44

I was a fan. I it's definitely not one of my top. Actually. No, it's probably like, three, maybe. No, you know, you know what it was for me. It's not even that I could necessarily relate to it. Right now, what I like about music a lot of the time is that it even if it doesn't hit me right now as hard because I can't relate to it in regards to what's going on in my life past Michelle can relate to it so it still hits me just as hard.

Brianne 26:17

Or if it reminds you of like a previous time,

Michelle 26:20

reminds me of a time where it would have hit me just as hard and so I get like into that mindset and then I'm like, Oh, my heart. So you know what, like, I mean, like I've said it before all time low. They get you right in the feels no matter what.

Kelly 26:37

Every time they do. I think I like trouble is I like melancholy Kaleidoscope a little bit better. Me and Me and Bri do not agree on this point. Oh, guess Michelle doesn't agree either. I don't either. I like it.

Brianne 26:54

It's not bad. It's just every other song has been a banger. And this one just kind of like Alright,

Brianne 27:01

in not going to hit next but I'm not gonna turn up the volume, if that makes sense.

Kelly 27:06

I think like after so like two things I think made me like this song more. The first one is the bridge. Like I was like listening to the whole song and I was like, I'm like, kind of bobbing my head and whatever. And then the bridge came along and I was like, Fuck yeah, this is I love this. I don't know, it just like hit me real hard. I love the bridge. And then that means I love the song. So that was the first thing that hit me and then reading a little bit more about, like, how this song came about and like what it was really about for, for them. kind of really like, I don't know that that also kind of hit me because we're kind of going through this really weird time and like you want to sing happy songs and whatever and like try to get through stuff but sometimes you just like don't want to sing a happy song. And that's kind of What Alex was kind of talking about. So he said he was kind of talking about, like, the dichotomy of the song how like, it's kind of high energy and, and things like that, but the lyrics are, you know, a little bit darker and he said it was written at a time where I was going through seasonal depression, which he hasn't experienced before. He came into the studio and really, like didn't want to write anything. And their producer was playing this idea of a fast song and it struck him. This isn't where I am mentally right now. So this whole song kind of plays out that and like it's really energetic and upbeat and things like that. But that's not how he was like feeling when he recorded the song and I think that whole message of like trying to pull yourself through a bad mood with music, I think I like a lot about it.

Michelle 29:00

Yeah, I can totally feel that. I mean, honestly, that's what I was gonna say about melancholy kaleidoscope. Because it's, it's true. Like, I mean, a lot of the times I listen to music because I'm feeling sad or maybe I want to feel sad because for whatever reason, feelings I can't describe, and there's some shit. Exactly and but it's a it is a cool contrast between the two moods of the the lyrically and musically But yeah, I mean it was still I think as much as it's like, quote unquote fast paced I didn't really feel like it was like a fast song It was it was very more ballad-y like a therapy type and, and we all know I'm not a fan of therapy, but no, I mean, I'm a fan of getting therapy, not the song therapy, everybody if they feel the barrier, you should go get it. But anybody can benefit from therapy. But I don't know melancholy Kaleidoscope just didn't. I didn't connect with it maybe because I'm I'm in a great point in my life so you couldn't relate but uh, you know, like Kelly said this is kind of maybe relevant for art the times we're living in right now we're trying to pull ourselves through and be happy but we're just not feeling happy cuz shit sucks.

Brianne 30:23

I will say like, I have only listened to it I think two times and I mean, like I said, it's not bad and but it's not like my favorite. I saw this funny story this morning when my boyfriend was making us breakfast. I was like, giving another listen through to the new all time low songs and I had this one playing first. And he was are you watching anime? Because he thought the opening riff of melancholy Kaleidoscope sounds like an anime theme song. And I was just like, nope, I've got so that's my funny story about melancholy Kaleidoscope like let's go but it was like do

Michelle 30:58

I like this? I don't know. Like so. Yeah. Well regardless, I'm still excited about the new music and you know, we probably have some more new music to look forward to as we approach April 3, the release date of wakeup sunshine. And, you know, Alex has talked a lot about the all the songs because he did a track by track guy to wake up sunshine on Kerrang and, you know, we've had a lot of songs come out, but he's talked about all the songs on the tracklist and I've got a couple that I'm really excited to hear. One of which is the title song, wake up sunshine. You know, Alex talked about how it came from a really personal place and he felt like he was kind of waking up from a dream in context of the last album and then that was kind of based on what all time low had done before and wake up sunshine addresses that that they're awake again, and the sun's up and they're starting a new and that's what the song for them is speaking to. And you know, it's also a matter of things can and will be okay. And you know he said in this day and age a lot of people are finding their validation and who shares their opinion online screaming into an echo chamber their song is speaking to that and almost saying you're fine without that. And I mean I love that and I love that you know, kind of that's the title song and the the whole kind of is cohesive message to the album. But you know, I I've talked about how bands have journeys and you know, they develop and everything and I've been, I think, I'm thankful that I've been able to watch all time low grow from the beginning. And, you know, seeing them kind of evolved from the real pop punk boys that they were before to kind of a little bit more developed artists, and then finding their pop punk sound, again, as developed artists. I'm really looking forward to hearing wake up sunshine because I think that's going to really, really be an absolute fucking banger. And another song I mean, really into you know, there previous sound that I'm looking forward to is a clumsy because he said that if they you put it on, nothing personal, which was their sophomore album, he says still kind of fit and you know, it, it feels like it transcends where it falls chronologically and it's part of the bigger story of the band and it goes back to just literally what I was saying about the story of the band and everything so I'm really looking forward to that one plus I loved nothing personal and I loved the sound on that album so it's really that's that's a real all time low for me so I'm stoked for it.

Brianne 33:36

I'm a little annoyed because that was also on my we were all like oh, we're gonna pick two songs to talk about it and then I look at Michelle's right after I'm like, of course she's going first and she talked about clumsy because that was one of mine. Because nothing personal is probably like, my not my favorite album but it like that's kind of where my brain goes when I think of like true all time low like cuz I don't think there was a song on there that I hated. I mean, There's a song that I hate just just like, you know. But it's it's very much like I graduated high school the year, nothing personal came out and that was the year Michelle and I met and it just was a really big like point in my life that I associated with all time lows music, so the fact that they're comparing it to that album, I was just like, yes. So I'm super pumped about that. And then the other song that I'm super pumped about is monsters featuring blackbear, mainly because I've started listening to blackbear like, alternatively, like not in connection to the show this this album, and I'm very interested to see how this is gonna play out. Because I have I don't think all time lows done a like art like a rap artist collaboration right no.

Michelle 34:48

I don't believe so. No, yeah. I don't know who blearbear was until you said it

Michelle 34:53

Very good. He's a good rapper. He's, um, he's really He's really good. I can't think of the name of the song that I like. Right? And I'll figure it out later. Um, but yeah, it's it's just very different. Basically what they were saying is that they had they knew they've written something special and then the songwriter who wrote the song was like, Oh, I'm also working with blackbear like the I think we should send it to him to see what he thinks. So they sent it and he was basically like blackbear was like this is the kind of headspace I'm in in the moment anyway, so I already feel like I could write something for this and it really is they said it really elevated the song and took it to a new refreshing place that we had never properly explored before. Oh yeah, they said that is literally the next sentence we never really collaborated with someone in rapper hip hop and brought a lot of energy to song I'm very I'm very excited about that one

Michelle 35:41

that is exciting because it's a it's definitely a growing kind of genre collaboration makes you know, this emo rap and pop punk rap so it's gonna be cool and you know,

Brianne 35:55

some like blackbear's also like a very new artist and he's like, dude, like, on The rise, so I think that they're gonna help each other get the mute like that song heard on mainstream radio maybe. So we'll see.

Kelly 36:10

So, I would like to say Clumsy, and monsters are my two also, i'll pick two different ones. But too, okay, so um, but about blackbear. His name is Mat Musto. And he used to do like in when I was in, I want to say like early High School. Mat Musto did like pop music. Really? Yes. Look it up. Yeah, look it up. He um, I'm pretty sure he wrote boyfriend with Justin Bieber. And he all okay, like don't don't quote me, but like, I'm pretty sure I remember that. And then he also put out like a couple pops up pop ish like songs. So when I I like had seen a picture of blackbear and I was like, Oh my god, I feel like I remember, like listening to him in high school, but I never listened to rap in high school. So, um, so yeah, that was really interesting.

Brianne 37:16

Oh, didn't know that. He put out a song with a member of woe is me? Oh, I'm literally just looking on Wikipedia so this is probably all wrong. Yep, he co wrote Justin Bieber's boyfriend apparently wow you know that's that but this guy is great. I like him so much more now.

Kelly 37:37

So yeah, that's what I knew I yeah, so that I'm really excited about monsters also to hear that but the other two songs that I'm excited about for wake up sunshine are January gloom and summer daze because they're kind of like a part one and part two type song which I just think that concept is pretty cool. And I'm interested to see if they like Sound like have the same sound but like different message or they just sound completely different. So yeah, I think that's a cool concept and I'm looking forward to hearing those too.

Michelle 38:12

I mean, I think with the just by the title is January gloom summer daze it kind of plays into what Alex was a talking about in a melancholy Kaleidoscope with his seasonal depression.

Kelly 38:22

Yeah, the contrast.

Michelle 38:23

Yeah, so it's definitely going to be very interesting album, not only musically but I think narratively for sure. Brianne,

Brianne 38:35

sorry I was looking at more stuff about blackbear I got a really good conversation

Michelle 38:40

sorry, podcast, we are a pop punk pop I'm sorry. Okay, back to back to the pop on technically,

Brianne 38:46

this is all all Music The part we're going to next. Um, so I know we've just gotten past this guy's but we're back to a little bit about Corona. Um, basically because of the fact that Corona Is that like got everyone trapped in here we're talking about all this crazy content being created, like, depending on you know, artists and fans working together. They, there's a bunch of people or bands, I should say, that are making music videos based on your content. So if you guys want to be in a music video, here's your chance. Just like Michelle who was in a cash, cash, cash, cash, music video. Hashtag goals. Yeah.

Kelly 39:32

She's easily the coolest of all of us, except for the two hour long phone call we had when I was trying to tell her which cardigan to wear that would look the coolest.

Brianne 39:42

And it ended up just being in the back of your head in the back your head is ridiculous.

Michelle 39:46

Yeah it is

Kelly 39:49

That hair is just undeniable. You can't, you can't think it's anyone else.

Brianne 39:55

So, two different bands are taking two different kind of twists on this. concept of having crowd sourced music videos. So neck deep is getting videos from fans holding up lyrics so they're doing lyric video instead of an actual like music video. So fans are told to submit their their videos of them 10-20 second videos at them holding up different parts of the song lyrically and they're like, very creative, but at the same time, keep your backgrounds like blank or whatever, like a solid color versus like crazy background stuff. So if you guys want to hear about or see that and try to submit your stuff, we'll post stuff on our Instagram about it so that way you guys can submit your stuff too. And hopefully we'll get in there. Maybe we'll do one too. Who knows? And then blink 182 is taking a different tour twist on it. There's on Happy Days. Oh, I didn't mention the song for neck deep it was when you know, sorry. But blink for happy days they're doing crowdsourcing as well except instead of holding up lyric videos they're having people doing ridiculous stuff whether it's you know, cooking dancing doing tik tok videos like that kind of stuff and then you can upload them and then they're gonna make a music video based on that for happy days which I actually like that song so that's good. But yeah so if you guys want to get some have it guys aboard because you know we're all stuck inside. Oh it's a great way to entertain yourself for a couple hours you know,

Michelle 41:23

definitely interact with your favorite bands. That's what it's all about right? Coming besties with them

Kelly 41:30

the dream. the dream Alright, our last piece of music news for you I believe. And this one like really almost freaked me out real bad but state champs guitarist Tony Diaz is leaving the band and state champs will continue on they said as as a four piece and they'll get maybe a touring guitar To go on tour with them, but they posted this announcement on their on their social media the other day and when I saw just like text on on this on this Instagram post I had a slight heart attack and thought they were breaking up

Michelle 42:19

it was very misleading because yeah way they like they like started the post or the what the caption was. Yeah Yeah, I was like what? Oh my god, I can't and yeah and then I saw I my panic attack stopped I know

Kelly 42:39

Good thanks must come to an end. yeah so it seems like there and you know there's no hard feelings or anything he's just moving on to another chapter in his life and you know the rest of the guys in state champs support that so yeah we I'm very excited that state champs will continue on But sad that Tony Diaz is leaving. Yes. And his hair His hair is pretty iconic. Also

Michelle 43:07

it is. It's pretty awesome. Well, that's all we've got time for you for music news. So now we've got a surprise for you. That's spooky. Oh. We are interviewing a band for you guys. Today we're welcoming college radio on to the moshpit. college radio hails from the gloomy Emerald City of Seattle, Washington. A four piece mixing traditional pop punk with a Seattle alternative twist with a recent EP out in late 2018 college radio is writing and playing across the Pacific Northwest, loud guitars, big drums and catchy hooks and a Northwest vibe with the most excellent live show that keeps you on your feet. college radio is a band you do not want to sleep on. So Welcome college radio. Welcome, guys. We're happy to have you on the moshpit. Oh, yeah, no problem. We're happy to have you. I mean, I feel kind of feel like it's really serendipitous that we found each other because our podcast actually began many, many years ago as a college radio show and your band is college radio. So, to start off with, where does the band name come from?

College Radio 44:27

Well, the band name came from just this kind of like one of those weird like, originally, I wanted to call the band Growing Pains when I first was conjuring up this like a transition of going from playing heavy music to kind of back to the passion that I had when I was growing up. And I just didn't think that growing pains fit the style of music coming out when the writing process first started in one this is I'm talking like before everyone was involved when it was just kind of like making its baby steps or like just born. I'm a big fan of a group called go radio with Jason Lancaster from mayday parade and weird like I always see radio. I love alkaline trio. And they have a really killer song called radio. And one day I'm sitting here and I'm like college radio, oh rocks college radio where I went, I looked, the only thing I could find online was some DJ kid from like 2008 which, if you do go to like iTunes or. It was pretty much here. We grew up of that. And so you now see us but that's kind of, I would say the shorten or long version of the name called radio where it came from

Michelle 46:03

cool, I dig it.

Michelle 46:05

So, so I mean, so you said this with like college radio kind of started before everybody was really involved. So how long have you guys all been playing together? And how did you all come together?

College Radio 46:16

So, uh, the band itself? I would say honestly, I think the band came together when Taylor joined. And that was a last year around. january, but oh, no, no, it was a, I would say October, right? Oh, yeah, like around the end of 2018. I forget what day it is what time it is because we're all stuck inside

Michelle 46:42

We're living in a time of Corona. Time doesn't exist. It's a social construct. Anyway.

College Radio 46:47

flat circle.

College Radio 46:51

We were three before and it was we were just trying to get our feet off the ground. I had wrote the two main songs. See love, take me home. And I kind of was like, Hey, you know, I'm starting this group. It's called college radio. And I had a friend hit me up and we got Cody, the drummer, who also brought in a friend of his Dylan, who played bass. And it was fun for that like small period, but it's just like we had so much that we wanted to do that. I mean, honestly, a band is a group, not a single person. And I know Taylor from a bunch of bands that we've played with together. When I was in some other bands, his other bands would play with us. And he was a bass player and I didn't know our player and asked him to come on and jam with us and we just instantly started writing for. Taylor has a beautiful voice and a great ear for just music. So it really helped us push up. And recently, we ended up having to switch bass players and we played on Halloween, a show with Evan and his band called midnight movie which is another killer Washington band so check them out another band to think about here

Michelle 48:06

nice little plug there

College Radio 48:09

I drove past him. wanted to come jam with us and it pretty much was all history after that so I want to say the band we were doing good but once we like started jamming with Evan we literally it was like day and night like the shows we instantly started playing bigger shows really weird. Not weird fun is only started jamming when we got like some of the better shows and the bigger shows and honestly ever since I would say December we've got to play. Obviously not too much. But we got played some really cool shows with this new lineup, which I think is the lineup that we have right now. So I would say we've been around. I would say this this year was supposed to be our year but we can we're doing Hey,

Michelle 48:58

it still can be things are Changing the music scenes changing. Everybody's going digital. But yeah, no, that's awesome. I mean, as much as fans need to connect with a band, I think the band connecting with each other is super important. And until you find that right, little mix of puzzle pieces of humans, it's, uh, it's not gonna take off and yeah, it's cool that you guys have found each other and you mentioned your you guys are from Washington. I in your intro, I said you guys are from Seattle. And you guys say that you have your pop punk with a Northwest vibe. So what exactly do you mean like pine tree Starbucks coffee.

College Radio 49:38

that's exactly it. nailed it next question. You got it. All right.

Michelle 49:49

All right, cool. So we listen to some of your guys's music shine on your newest release. And honestly, I got a little Bit of new found glory vibes from it, but who are some of your guys's influences?

College Radio 50:06

Green Day as Gordon said alkaline trio Evans got got a weird taste in indie bands or something like that. I don't know. It's bouncing souls and NOFX. Nice. I try to compartmentalize as best I can. I like new found glory it's more like that just 2000s just that old school drive thru records. Yeah. Like, you know, throwback where it was just not quite oversaturated where it was okay to not sound the best, but it could be the best that was sick.

Michelle 50:50


College Radio 50:56

But the new found glory where it's funny that people are saying That now is when I was a kid. And I was saying, I would get made fun of about that a lot. Like I used to sing in a screamo band back in the day. And we could never figure out who it sounded like. And then that was once that kind of was pushed down. It was there. I tried to, you can hear in some of the older the first renditions of some of the college radio stuff, I tried to sing lower. And as I progressed, my, my singing voice came back to like, I'm a higher singer. So yeah, new found glory. You'll be able to hear we actually redid one of our songs called love. And we sing in a different key and honestly, it sounds a whole lot better but that you hear the difference in the song too, because love I think it's a very low monotone. It's you can hear the alkaline trio in that song alone a whole lot. Actually, the first two songs you can hear and then you really hear the band come into its own then the next step after that.

Michelle 52:00

Nice for sure. Yeah. And you know what, don't be ashamed of your new found glory esque voice cuz, you know, they're super popular. So you got to own that shit.

College Radio 52:13

We'll cover a new found glory eventually. People keep asking for it.

Michelle 52:18

You gotta give the people what they want, especially, you know, in this time and it's the perfect time to blow up. People are looking for new things. I mean, we were talking about earlier how, you know, we're listening to a lot of new music now, because we're stuck inside all the time. And I mean, I listen to music a lot in general, but definitely more so now that I'm kind of stuck inside and don't have, like other distractions, I guess. And in that same vein, what other bands are you guys listening to right now?

College Radio 52:51

Some of the new new releases like Belmont just put out a new EP. I'm like super digging it. Like a lot of catchy riffs like they're one of those like pop punk bands with breakdowns in it so it brings a really like kind of a like a new vibe to the music scene that everybody can get get down to I don't know what else is there Gordon Evan? record is killer that new found glory and their new records actually sweet I don't know if it's come out yet but I have I found a way I'm trying to sound not like I took the music off the internet but I have found the record but my computer is so shot that I can't put anything on my phone so I've been burning stuff to CDs that records killer.

Michelle 53:52

Wow, old school there

College Radio 53:55

all love hate relationship for Bayside right now just because it's some stuff but I love their new record. that one's killer we didn't see that so much coffee I smoke hella weed too. I'm over 21 So, but the new alkaline trio EP, they put out a three song EP came out last week. It's really killer for people that are fans alkaline trio Dan's acoustic song, it's actually a song that he would sing live by himself from 2007 was the first time I think that that was played live. I didn't know that until about yesterday, so it's cool.

Michelle 54:52

That your dog Mich. Yeah, that's my dog. If you guys can hear my little demon. Cool. All right. So you guys are still kind of starting out and everything. But what is your dream venue or festival would you want to perform at? I mean, I know Warped Tour is gone. So like, that's it. But, you know, there's lots of other things out there four chord, you know, sad summer fest. So, you know,

College Radio 55:26

I'd really like to play the showbox sometime. I mean, that's always a dream venue to play. You know, any local Band In Seattle like would just kill to play the showbox. Let's see. Yeah, like you said warped tours gone. I mean, It kind of had to happen anyway. So I'm not really too worried about that. I don't know just like if there any like other, just like, huge pop punk fest like, anywhere in the country. I mean, like, we drive like that. Miles like, you know, I feel like it would it would totally be worth the drive. Like if it was if it was like in Maine or like, you know, way across the country or maybe even like, in a different continent or something like that. You know? I think like we'd totally be down to like, you know, play any like big stage we want to.

Michelle 56:21

So do you guys have plans for tours in the future? coming up?

College Radio 56:26

Yeah, we we are set to put out a new EP out. Obviously, the situation of things kind of decided to put a little like stabber on our back. We're supposed to be in the studio yesterday. But um, you know, supposed to play El Corazon yesterday too Yeah. Sorry. Oh. Well, it's supposedly as long as things go, well, we're playing that show on the 21st of August.

Michelle 56:57

Well, hopefully people stay inside and We can actually go outside this summer as you guys will be able to play your shows but ya know definitely keep us in the loop because if you guys end up you know East Coast that's where we're all at in three different states will come check you out for sure

College Radio 57:15

we're trying to we want to get out that way I know there's a band out in New York time love to play with called strange neighbors. They're supposed to come out here actually and play. They're doing it's like a for woman's month. I can't that's totally not PC at all but for female fronted Band in Seattle, and that was supposed to be going on next weekend, actually. And they were flying out. Super stoked, because we're just gonna play a show out of town and then be back to catch them play the next day, but obviously, you know, we're still sitting here like, pulling her hair out wishing we could go to shows hug our buddies and our friends.

Michelle 57:57

Yeah, yeah, social distancing is tough. for Sure, yeah.

College Radio 58:03

I think our cat is getting sick of us. And it's Yeah.

Michelle 58:13

So, what you know, like I said, you said, we're, you're starting out and everything. So you're, you've got you, I'm sure you're getting a lot of advice and stuff. What's the best advice you've been given so far about pursuing these dreams you've got with college radio,

College Radio 58:30

don't suck.

College Radio 58:34

That's good. You know, I used to play bass in a ska band. And I would get very self conscious because ska bass is really like, like all over the place. And I got really self conscious and I was like, I do not feel that I am technically qualified to be in this band. And the singer was my friend Jesse. And he said to me, he's like, do you like Nirvana? And I was like, Yes, I like Nirvana. That's a stupid question, buddy. He's like, that guy is not playing anything any more difficult than what you're doing and he got to play stadiums. Can you play Nirvana songs? And I was like, Yeah, I could play Come as you are. And he's like, well, that's all you need. You don't have to be an expert. You don't have to be Davey 504 or something. You just have to kind of think that you can do it and you can do it.

College Radio 59:19

Anything's possible. I mean, shoot, we're a pop punk band, we're actually doing it. It's more or less just have fun. That's the biggest thing. Don't take it too far out of context. write songs with your friends and do it like a garage band. That's what I why I love this band so much. And it's I I played music My whole life. I still I play in another band. And why I love like I played in other bands. You know why I love this is the raw garage vibe. Because I've played in bands where it's very professional and everyone gets along. Don't get me wrong, but it's done separately, or it's like here's all the music this and then y'all come together. To prep for a tour and then you go when with with this is the actual writing process, the fun hanging out with everybody, where it's just like sometimes it's not flowing where you're just like, ah, why can't I write this riff and then it comes together and everybody's parts come together and you realize why you're doing it. I think that's, I think the biggest advice I give anybody is don't lose that. And hold on to that as long as you can. Because people just want to tour people want to, I feel like I don't mean to tangent on on this, but I feel like being

Michelle 1:00:33

tangent away

College Radio 1:00:35

a bit from what we used to do. Hence, from those old days, the early 2000s where we listened to music, we went and saw music, we love music, it didn't matter who was playing that night. You had one favorite band, but the other ones that's it's going to that like, this whole thing is like, you get to enjoy and have fun and I think that's what music is really missing lately, is These kids that I need to be popular, I needed to be on tour. Like, if I wanted to, tour with this band, we would have done that right away. But it's like instead, we stayed home in our theme, and we helped to grow it again to help. You know, go to local shows, again play as many local shows as we can without overdoing, but playing with different bands and not being elitist to this or that where we love all styles. We've played with hip hop artists, we played with country artists, because we just love playing we love music. And I think if everybody were to create and have fun and do it that way overthinking I need to be you know, obviously you know you do have to sound good, you do have to somewhat look decent, but before all that have fun with it. And I think that's what all the bands are lacking that some are but like I think that's the one big thing is just have fun with it first and don't over stress on it and display and the tour. other stuff will come eventually. But having fun, like, that's the biggest thing. Tangent done.

Brianne 1:02:08

I, I'm gonna build off of that, because I think staying home and like sticking to those smaller venues are going to be so crucial in the next coming months and years, especially because all of these businesses are going to start hurting and whatnot. And it's going to take, you know, local bands like you guys to help bring back that culture and bring back everyone to the bars. And so wherever and all the different venues to rebuild, you know, our economy to like, it starts with everyone.

Michelle 1:02:37

100% and I definitely, it's a great message for sure. You know, I mean, definitely building your hometown fan base, and you know, your hometown Connections is definitely key in your growth, for sure.

College Radio 1:02:51

It's like telling a kid that comes up to you and it's like, oh, my God, I want to get a tattoo. The first thing, like I said, I've toured, I've done that. I know Pete, that's up A question I get a lot is, Ah man, I love your tattoos. I want to get a tattoo and I always ask How old are you? I got a buddy that does this. Just wait, wait till you're 18 when you get it legally and you can get it done. You have to spend the money in the music. If you want to sound good, you want to do stuff good. You do have to spend the money on the person who is up there. It's worth it. You know, it's I want to pay the person that deserves that money because they have perfected their craft in both those worlds like a tattoo artist and you know an engineer cant half ass something, you have to kind of go at it professional. It's

Michelle 1:03:42

definitely awesome. So I mean, obviously we're kind of at a standstill right now but what does the future holds for college radio

College Radio 1:03:52

selling out every venue in America.

Michelle 1:03:55

Yes, big dreams. I love it.

College Radio 1:04:00

What do you guys think was what do you think? Or if not venue? I mean, maybe sell out every bar we play. I mean, that's always a good start too

Michelle 1:04:10

hell Yeah.

College Radio 1:04:11

Well, can we can we talk about the thing coming out?

Michelle 1:04:16

thing coming out? What does that mean?

College Radio 1:04:18

Yeah, according to being with the monster No, Evan why dont you talk about it. Okey dokey. Uh, we are very proud to announce we are going to be releasing an EP. In the next few months. We have like one song left to record it. And I'm pretty excited for that. I get to sing that one. Yeah, at some point in 2020 you should be getting ready for an EP from college radio. It's gonna be like four or five songs ish is gonna be pretty good.

Michelle 1:04:50

Cool. We're excited. We're definitely gonna be your first listeners for sure.

Kelly 1:04:55

Look out Seattle east coast is coming for you.

College Radio 1:04:58

hell yeah no battle and it's all fun We come for hugs we don't come for

Michelle 1:05:05

exactly east coast west coast love

College Radio 1:05:09

virtual hugs and virtual high fives until we're allowed to physically

Brianne 1:05:13

elbow bumpsif you will. That's

College Radio 1:05:16

a solid Joey Ramone six feet tall, right? Yes. Yeah, sure. Yeah, sure. Let me check my life size Joey Ramone cut out and the other I mean, we're both you guys are about there.

Michelle 1:05:42

Yeah, yeah. Cool. So, in the meantime, where can our listeners find you to listen to and on social?

College Radio 1:05:51

Oh, you're gonna want to go to LinkedIn. You got Myspace, Zenga exists, baby Live journal yeah Tumblr, we we actually have the world's only remaining live journal server and it's just a bunch of black and white artsy porn and it's really bad. we're pretty much on every streaming platform you could from what my knowledge from how the internet works, you can find us like it's Bandcamp is another one we're trying to put up some stuff at least for now because how band camps doing it I'm trying to throw up what merch we have what merch is on its way, as well as some demos from the earlier days just so people can hear some of these songs when they were first like it might be sound weird but it'll be like from a phone where you can hear like, Oh shoot, those lyrics are different or Whoa, that melody is different. Now it came into this, just something different. But again, all our socials is collegeradioPNW, on everything. So if you want to be just type that in on Twitter, if you type it on Instagram, you should be able to find this. Yeah, definitely listen on Spotify. Yeah, Spotify seems to be the best, easiest way to find us. And I think it's easier to find us now. iTunes, type the song name in with our name and it will pop up quicker. Like I said, it's the algorithms if our iTunes isn't as popular as the Spotify because people get frustrated with iTunes. I think I love them all. So no hate,

Michelle 1:07:24

well, if you're listening to us on Spotify, you can just hop right on over to college radio's, Spotify.

College Radio 1:07:30

Yeah, we're on tik Tok. If anyone knows how to do a tik tok to do that. And then

Michelle 1:07:34

I'm too old to figure that out.

College Radio 1:07:36

yeah. But I know people do it. It. It gets into my memes and stuff that I watch on YouTube, so I know it still exists. But beyond that, it's a mystery.

Michelle 1:07:48

It's such a mystery. Alright guys. Well, thank you for coming on. We were so happy to have you and we look forward to seeing what you guys have in store. Again, follow them on Social @collegeradiopnw right PNW Pacific Northwest. Yes. Again, thanks for coming on. That's all we've got for you guys today on the moshpit. So stay safe, stay social distanced and #MoshOn

Brianne 1:08:19

from six feet away

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