Episode 2: Alex Gaskarth is a Furry

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Episode 2: Alex Gaskarth is a Furry

Episode Description:

Streaming services. Good or bad for the music industry? Find out in this episode of The Moshpit.  In music news, Brianne officially becomes the scene grandma, Kevin Lyman is a dicktease, and coronavirus kills pop punk.  Also, geek out with Michelle, Brianne, and Kelly over all the new music out right now, particularly All Time Low's new single, Sleeping In. But what's new? Let the ladies of the Moshpit Point (North) you in the right direction to discover an awesome band in the Band Spotlight.  Finally, travel back in time as the hosts share their first pop punk concert experiences. If you're vibing with the show, share with your friends!

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Michelle 0:28

Welcome back to another episode of The Moshpit. Let's hit the lights and reach some Hawthorne heights cuz we are neck deep in music news for you guys. Coincidentally there is some music news about neck deep.

Brianne 0:43

I really I really just I just really need a collective groan I love you but that's one too many.

Michelle 0:51

All the puns every single person on the planet, you can't not tell me that. I'm not clever because I am. It was fantastic. I'm so proud.

Brianne 0:59

You're gonna You're gonna run out of band names before we hit our, like 10th episode.

Kelly 1:05


Michelle 1:06

Yeah. So we got a lot of music news for you as we do, always after our just one episode. But before all of that, we want to give a big thanks to all of our listeners, so far all 20 of you, and we appreciate your existence. No for reals. We're really excited to, you know, be getting this going. So anybody out there in the podcast void of listening to us, we appreciate you, even if you're listening for like five seconds.

Brianne 1:36

Also make sure to reach out to us on social media on that on Instagram and Twitter and I don't know what else we're on, but it's @themoshpitpod. Oh, Facebook. That's the other one.

Michelle 1:48

Yes, Facebook and Instagram @themoshpitpod and because somebody stole our thing on Twitter, we're just @moshpitpod on Twitter. Yes. And speaking of listening To us just want to clarify that Kelly was not in outer space last night. We just happened

Kelly 2:07

or was I?

Michelle 2:08

Oh, you're out there with Tom DeLonge. Finding the aliens

Kelly 2:16

looking for all the UFOs with Tom. Yes. That's exactly where I was.

Michelle 2:21

Yeah, so we're actually, I don't think we actually clarified that last episode. We are in three different states. I am in New Jersey. Kelly's in Massachusetts and Bri is in Florida. So we are Skyping and hanging out. So you know, there are some things we're figuring out. But now, Kelly, hopefully sounds way better. Kelly talk show them.

Kelly 2:45

I hope so. I hope I no longer sound like an alien. Although it would much cooler to be inouter space but oh, that's true. I'm here. I swear I'm not in space.

Michelle 2:56

Also, Kelly. Kelly was just taking all the hits last week. I really was Kelly was like, viciously attacked about the song, Bitch. You know, I'm a bitch, im a lover.

Brianne 3:12

Watch out legal legal can only sing a line

Michelle 3:17

well you guys get it. So you know she was

Kelly 3:20

so close to the original because that was just right on pitch so I think it was a you know?

Michelle 3:25

Yeah, definitely but yeah so Kelly was unaware that it was Alanis Morissette but turns out is not Alanis Morrison. It's just one of those collective group think things that people think it's hard, but it's actually Meredith Brook. So Kelly is now vindicated,

Kelly 3:44

yeah, I am now officially ready to accept victory formally in this forum.

Brianne 3:52

I would like I would like to submit my apology in writing.

Kelly 3:56

Thank you. Thank you very much. I I accept

Brianne 4:00

To be fair, a lot of the internet is very confused about who saw what they

Kelly 4:04

they are. Everyone's so confused. So I Okay, I will say one more time. I was right. This song that so I was talking, I was saying that this song, the beginning reminded me of the beginning of all time lows, new single, some kind of disaster, how it like kind of has a lot of the same words and the same kind of feel to the beginning of it. And I had said it reminded me of a one hit wonder, and then everyone just kind of thinks this song is by Alanis Morissette but it is not credit to Meredith Brooks for this hit in the 90s, I believe. But yeah, I was very viciously attacked. And it turns out the entire internet just thinks that Alanis Morissette wrote and sang the song and poor little Meredith Brooks just got overlooked.

Brianne 5:03

for argument's sake, I will say they do sound freakish, very, very, very similar. It's just one

Michelle 5:10

of those things though. It's like a What do they call it the Mandela effect? That, you know, you think everybody thinks one thing happened but it was actually the other thing. Like I'm convinced, that there was a song that not a song, a movie in the late 90s, maybe early 2000 where Sinbad was a genie. Turns out that's not true. And it was called Shazam. And everybody said it Kazam and it was with Shaquille but it's not. I said, I promise you there was a movie.

Kelly 5:38

we're all just so misunderstood.

Michelle 5:42

No, you're not gonna find anything on the internet about it Bri but

Brianne 5:48

Just see me, like subtly googling, okay? Trying to defend you.

Michelle 5:57

I can't defend myself a pair because there's no trace of it on that. The Internet. But anyways, we're ready to kind of get into the nitty gritty, the meat meaty part of the show. So last week, we talked about how the different genres in the rock parent genre, I guess,

Brianne 6:20

the umbrella, if you will,

Michelle 6:21

yes, the umbrella, you know, like differentiating them and everything. And we ended the controversies right then and there, though in the pop punk Facebook groups I joined you still see the arguments. But this week,

Brianne 6:35

I think we all just need to agree to disagree. Exactly.

Kelly 6:38

Yeah, that'll be the way to go.

Michelle 6:40

But so this week, we wanted to talk about streaming services because I am a big Spotify-er