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Episode 0: The Moshpit Podcast Trailer

Episode 0: The Moshpit Trailer


Pop Punk isn't dead and neither is the rest of the rock scene!

I'm Michelle. I'm Brianne. I'm Kelly.

And we are the Moshpit!

Whether you are an emo sadboi, a punk rock princess, a metalhead or somewhere in between, there;s something for everyone on this podcast as we'll be talking rock in and around those genres.

Stage dive into the world of rock as we discuss the hot topics in the scene and offer our thoughts on the newest release, tours coming to a city near you, and all sorts of general tomfoolery.

You'll get your monthly dose of new music as we share our latest band discoveries that we're jamming to on the daily. Who knows? Maybe we are listening to your band.

Get some fun insight into our favorite bands and our experiences at their live shows because let me tell you, we've seen some shit.

And you'll even get some lessons on concert fucking etiquette because that is a thing, people.

Let's open up the pit together and mosh!

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