Episode 1: Pop Punk's Not Dead Still Not Dead Not Dead Still Not

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Episode 1: Pop Punk's Not Dead Still Not Dead Not Dead Still Not

Episode Description:

Join Michelle, Brianne, and Kelly for the inaugural episode of the Moshpit Podcast. They discuss the subtle differences but also similarities between each genre of rock and put an end to the genre wars forever. The ladies talk about how My Chemical Reunion stole the thunder from The Moshpit's Reunion, gush over All Time Low's new single Some Kind of Disaster, puzzle over Haylee William's new music video, and cover a ton more music news. The band spotlight is full of the cohosts sharing incorrect facts. You could say, it was an All Time Low for them. The most critical segment of the show, Concert Etiquette,  boasts some terribly funny attempts at accents but also a sincere message to you. And like any good music podcast, they share their thoughts on a new music discovery. If you like the show, share with your friends!

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Michelle Villa 0:30

Welcome sadboys and punk rock princesses to the inaugural show of The Moshpit. My name is Michelle, and I'm joined here by my co-hosts. Introduce yourselves, guys.

Brianne Brinkmann 0:41

Hey, there I am Brianne.

Kelly DeRoche 0:44

Hi everyone. I'm Kelly.

Michelle Villa 0:46

So we say inaugural show because this is our first show as a podcast. But The Moshpit has actually been around like, what? 10 years, guys?

Brianne Brinkmann 0:57

It's a millennia.

Kelly DeRoche 0:58

We have a rich history.

Michelle Villa 1:00

Yeah, we were all friends from college. And, you know, we met through the music scene. Me and Brianne were, you know, freshmen together. And we bonded on Facebook over like the same music before we started school because, you know, we- that's how we met

Brianne Brinkmann 1:20

Facebook generation.

Michelle Villa 1:21

people for college. Right?

And, you know, we became friends. We were in a lot of the same classes because we were in the same major. And Brianne started The Moshpit as a radio show on our college radio station.

Brianne Brinkmann 1:34

With none of you. Yeah, I started it with this girl, Margie. She was like, let's do a radio show together. And I'm like, cool. And we ended up having it at like 8am on Saturdays, which was like the worst as a freshman. Like it was rough. And of course, the only people who ever heard it were like my parents, and then the hungover kids walking home from their one night stands. That's about it. But yeah, no, it was it was cool. It was nice to have a little foray into the music scene considering the fact that every one at Bryant was super preppy, and you know, into top 40 and rap and all that. So it was nice to find a little community that actually liked the music I liked. And that's honestly the basis of our friendship was started there. And then Michelle and I had actually met in person in our freshmen like learning class, which you skipped constantly.

Michelle Villa 2:24

Well, yeah, I mean, I think I knew how to like, adult how to be a- I mean, I didn't because I almost failed out my freshman year.

Brianne Brinkmann 2:32

Maybe that's why you shouldn't have skipped the classes. Anyways, but yeah, so then eventually, my other co-host just kind of stopped showing up and just didn't care. And I was doing all the work and I got annoyed and I was just like, Michelle, do this with me. Do this radio show with me.

Michelle Villa 2:46

But you know, I don't, but I don't think I joined The Moshpit until I think it was sophomore year.

Brianne Brinkmann 2:51

Yeah, it was sophomore year, because yeah, you started until second semester freshman year. So yeah, so yeah, it was the following semester when I went to go pick a time slot, I remember she was just like, yeah, I'm not doing this and I'm like, good because I don't want you to no offense.

Michelle Villa 3:05


Brianne Brinkmann 3:05

Like, I want someone who's gonna help me. And in all honesty, it kind of reversed roles once Michelle joined the team that she was just like so gung ho it did so much more work than I did. And I was like, this is great. No wonder why she did nothing.

Michelle Villa 3:19

But yeah, no. And then Kelly's a couple years younger than us and well, like we collected Kelly, me and Brianne. Basically did.

Brianne Brinkmann 3:29

She didn't really have a choice.

Michelle Villa 3:33

But yeah no. We met at an All Time Low show. Very, you know, that's so us.

Brianne Brinkmann 3:39

It's on brand.

Michelle Villa 3:40

Through a mutual friend. And yeah, Kelly joined in on the show. Pretty much, what? Your second semester right? Of college, Kel?

Kelly DeRoche 3:50

Yeah, I think so. It was pretty immediate.

Michelle Villa 3:54

So, you know, we like Kelly, I think said we have a rich history of The Moshpit.We have been rocking together for a long time and now we're ready to share the rock with you. And you know, we kind of have a whole system that we used to do and I think we're gonna take you through the same way we used to back in the day. You know, we're gonna talk some music news, we're gonna talk, some band, some new music, all the good stuff. And you know, we're gonna have lively discussions on topics in the scene. And, you know, let's jump in with one of the topics and I think the perfect way to start off the first show is discussing what our actual genres in this scene are. You know, there's so many sub genres of rock and my boyfriend, he hates pop punk, but we argue because a lot of the things that he listens to I think is like pop punk, and

Brianne Brinkmann 5:01

Wait, wait wait can we pause this for a second? How the hell did he pass my test? And I not know that he doesn't like pop punk Michelle. He just lost so many brownie points

Kelly DeRoche 5:12

Minus one.

Michelle Villa 5:12

But he'll get a point because he always goes to shows with me even though he does not like it.

Brianne Brinkmann 5:17

Okay okay so all right he gets them back. I was gonna say I'm like the one All Time Low show that was in town, I didn't even bother asking my boyfriend. I'm like I'm going by myself 'cause I don't want tp have to babysit you. Byee!

Michelle Villa 5:31

For sure. But yeah you know so there's there's a lot of I think arguments even within us that like are really in the scene that pay attention to the bands and everything like it's hard to define like what's punk what's pop punk? What's you know, indie. What's alternative?

Kelly DeRoche 5:50

Yeah, and for even for us, like I don't even when someone asked me what kind of music I listen to like what kind of music is All Time Low? Or The Maine I'm like, well, I say like 55 words to even like try to- I'm like uh it's well pop punk rock alternative.

Brianne Brinkmann 6:06

Do you guys- Do you guys know those- Do you guys know those videos that they do on YouTube of like kids reacting to like, whatever?

Michelle Villa 6:13

Oh, yeah.

Brianne Brinkmann 6:14

Well, there is there was one of them where Blink 182 watched kids reacting to their music.

Michelle Villa 6:21

I just watched that one.