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Episode 1: Pop Punk's Not Dead Still Not Dead Not Dead Still Not

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Episode 1: Pop Punk's Not Dead Still Not Dead Not Dead Still Not

Episode Description:

Join Michelle, Brianne, and Kelly for the inaugural episode of the Moshpit Podcast. They discuss the subtle differences but also similarities between each genre of rock and put an end to the genre wars forever. The ladies talk about how My Chemical Reunion stole the thunder from The Moshpit's Reunion, gush over All Time Low's new single Some Kind of Disaster, puzzle over Haylee William's new music video, and cover a ton more music news. The band spotlight is full of the cohosts sharing incorrect facts. You could say, it was an All Time Low for them. The most critical segment of the show, Concert Etiquette,  boasts some terribly funny attempts at accents but also a sincere message to you. And like any good music podcast, they share their thoughts on a new music discovery. If you like the show, share with your friends!

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Michelle Villa 0:30

Welcome sadboys and punk rock princesses to the inaugural show of The Moshpit. My name is Michelle, and I'm joined here by my co-hosts. Introduce yourselves, guys.

Brianne Brinkmann 0:41

Hey, there I am Brianne.

Kelly DeRoche 0:44

Hi everyone. I'm Kelly.

Michelle Villa 0:46

So we say inaugural show because this is our first show as a podcast. But The Moshpit has actually been around like, what? 10 years, guys?

Brianne Brinkmann 0:57

It's a millennia.

Kelly DeRoche 0:58

We have a rich history.

Michelle Villa 1:00

Yeah, we were all friends from college. And, you know, we met through the music scene. Me and Brianne were, you know, freshmen together. And we bonded on Facebook over like the same music before we started school because, you know, we- that's how we met

Brianne Brinkmann 1:20

Facebook generation.

Michelle Villa 1:21

people for college. Right?

And, you know, we became friends. We were in a lot of the same classes because we were in the same major. And Brianne started The Moshpit as a radio show on our college radio station.

Brianne Brinkmann 1:34

With none of you. Yeah, I started it with this girl, Margie. She was like, let's do a radio show together. And I'm like, cool. And we ended up having it at like 8am on Saturdays, which was like the worst as a freshman. Like it was rough. And of course, the only people who ever heard it were like my parents, and then the hungover kids walking home from their one night stands. That's about it. But yeah, no, it was it was cool. It was nice to have a little foray into the music scene considering the fact that every one at Bryant was super preppy, and you know, into top 40 and rap and all that. So it was nice to find a little community that actually liked the music I liked. And that's honestly the basis of our friendship was started there. And then Michelle and I had actually met in person in our freshmen like learning class, which you skipped constantly.

Michelle Villa 2:24

Well, yeah, I mean, I think I knew how to like, adult how to be a- I mean, I didn't because I almost failed out my freshman year.

Brianne Brinkmann 2:32

Maybe that's why you shouldn't have skipped the classes. Anyways, but yeah, so then eventually, my other co-host just kind of stopped showing up and just didn't care. And I was doing all the work and I got annoyed and I was just like, Michelle, do this with me. Do this radio show with me.

Michelle Villa 2:46

But you know, I don't, but I don't think I joined The Moshpit until I think it was sophomore year.

Brianne Brinkmann 2:51

Yeah, it was sophomore year, because yeah, you started until second semester freshman year. So yeah, so yeah, it was the following semester when I went to go pick a time slot, I remember she was just like, yeah, I'm not doing this and I'm like, good because I don't want you to no offense.

Michelle Villa 3:05


Brianne Brinkmann 3:05

Like, I want someone who's gonna help me. And in all honesty, it kind of reversed roles once Michelle joined the team that she was just like so gung ho it did so much more work than I did. And I was like, this is great. No wonder why she did nothing.

Michelle Villa 3:19

But yeah, no. And then Kelly's a couple years younger than us and well, like we collected Kelly, me and Brianne. Basically did.

Brianne Brinkmann 3:29

She didn't really have a choice.

Michelle Villa 3:33

But yeah no. We met at an All Time Low show. Very, you know, that's so us.

Brianne Brinkmann 3:39

It's on brand.

Michelle Villa 3:40

Through a mutual friend. And yeah, Kelly joined in on the show. Pretty much, what? Your second semester right? Of college, Kel?

Kelly DeRoche 3:50

Yeah, I think so. It was pretty immediate.

Michelle Villa 3:54

So, you know, we like Kelly, I think said we have a rich history of The Moshpit.We have been rocking together for a long time and now we're ready to share the rock with you. And you know, we kind of have a whole system that we used to do and I think we're gonna take you through the same way we used to back in the day. You know, we're gonna talk some music news, we're gonna talk, some band, some new music, all the good stuff. And you know, we're gonna have lively discussions on topics in the scene. And, you know, let's jump in with one of the topics and I think the perfect way to start off the first show is discussing what our actual genres in this scene are. You know, there's so many sub genres of rock and my boyfriend, he hates pop punk, but we argue because a lot of the things that he listens to I think is like pop punk, and

Brianne Brinkmann 5:01

Wait, wait wait can we pause this for a second? How the hell did he pass my test? And I not know that he doesn't like pop punk Michelle. He just lost so many brownie points

Kelly DeRoche 5:12

Minus one.

Michelle Villa 5:12

But he'll get a point because he always goes to shows with me even though he does not like it.

Brianne Brinkmann 5:17

Okay okay so all right he gets them back. I was gonna say I'm like the one All Time Low show that was in town, I didn't even bother asking my boyfriend. I'm like I'm going by myself 'cause I don't want tp have to babysit you. Byee!

Michelle Villa 5:31

For sure. But yeah you know so there's there's a lot of I think arguments even within us that like are really in the scene that pay attention to the bands and everything like it's hard to define like what's punk what's pop punk? What's you know, indie. What's alternative?

Kelly DeRoche 5:50

Yeah, and for even for us, like I don't even when someone asked me what kind of music I listen to like what kind of music is All Time Low? Or The Maine I'm like, well, I say like 55 words to even like try to- I'm like uh it's well pop punk rock alternative.

Brianne Brinkmann 6:06

Do you guys- Do you guys know those- Do you guys know those videos that they do on YouTube of like kids reacting to like, whatever?

Michelle Villa 6:13

Oh, yeah.

Brianne Brinkmann 6:14

Well, there is there was one of them where Blink 182 watched kids reacting to their music.

Michelle Villa 6:21

I just watched that one.

Kelly DeRoche 6:23


Brianne Brinkmann 6:23

And they and they did this whole thing about how there isn't really genres anymore that everything just comingles and it's like, you know, people draw inspiration from all different crazy things, and there's no real way to nail down anything. So all of this stuff we're gonna discuss is like, very fluid and it just kind of depends on their personal opinions.

Michelle Villa 6:42

Yeah, I think they will bleed into each other a bit like, yeah, as, as you know, we were kind of touching base about this a bit before the show, you know, as we learned, like the actual, you know, Google definitions of all these genres. They're all pretty similar to be honest. So like, you know, I think to start with rock, you know, that is definitely the parent genre, like that's the catch all. And you know, it's literally defined as a broad genre of popular music. It originated as rock'n'roll in the United States in the early 1950s and developed into a different range of styles. So, you know, I think at this point, like what people consider rock is a lot of classic rock. You know, you'll see-

Brianne Brinkmann 7:29

Basically what our parents listened to.

Michelle Villa 7:30


Brianne Brinkmann 7:31

I mean I listen to them too but you know what I mean.

Michelle Villa 7:32

Like Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Queen, Guns and Roses all -those guys. I mean, I fucking love Queen.

Brianne Brinkmann 7:41

I was literally thinking that when you said Queen, I'm like QUEEN.

Michelle Villa 7:43

I saw them at Global Citizen this past summer with Adam Lambert. It was phenomenal. You know, Brian Mays can still get it. But uh, yeah, you know, that's like-

Brianne Brinkmann 7:56


Michelle Villa 7:56

No, I didn't mean like that. I meant like, you can get after like some music. I'm not- That's not what I meant!

Brianne Brinkmann 8:03

I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself.

Michelle Villa 8:05

Don't put words in my mouth, you dirty, dirty girl. But yeah, you know, rock. It's just kind of like the whole genre, but it also is kind of like associated with classic rock.

Brianne Brinkmann 8:20

Yeah, 'tis the umbrella that all of these things hide under.

Michelle Villa 8:23

For sure. And then, you know, alternative from what I gather about alternative, it's basically all encompassing on the rock that we listen to. Well, well, I think anything honestly,

Kelly DeRoche 8:35

I feel like it's like modern. Yeah, it's like modern rock. It's like, when you hear just rock, you think classic rock. And then when you hear alternative, it's just like, modern rock to me.

Michelle Villa 8:49

Well, yeah, for sure.

Brianne Brinkmann 8:49

I agree with that.

Michelle Villa 8:50

You definitely get some of like, the bands that maybe kind of were like, you know, maybe 90s starting and they like they're still popular today. And they've kind of defined what it is these days, you know, because, you know, as I was looking for definitions I- Google also listed like artists in the genre. And alternative got like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam and Nirvana, but also Green Day, My Chemical Romance and Blink 182 too. And I think those are just very different, very different bands.

Kelly DeRoche 9:21


Michelle Villa 9:22

And I guess that goes back to what we were saying before about, uh, you know, all these kind of genres mixing. And then, you know, we've got punk rock. And that's where I think, you know, things like, things get heated in the scene because like, you know, like real punks.

Brianne Brinkmann 9:39

Like, I've literally never even heard of two of these bands. Like, Who the hell is Black Flag and Dead Kennedys?

Kelly DeRoche 9:44

Dead Kennedys?

Michelle Villa 9:45

You don't know who Dead Kennedys is guys? Oh, no.

Brianne Brinkmann 9:49

Remember, remember the upcoming segments that are happening in the show?

Michelle Villa 9:54

For sure. Yeah, you know,

Brianne Brinkmann 9:56

We'll do one on there.

Michelle Villa 9:58

As much as you know, we we love this music and stuff. You know, we were we've grown up a bit over the years we're adults with like real jobs so it's hard to keep up. And you know, for some of us it's harder than others right Brianne?

Brianne Brinkmann 10:11

Don't judge me! I have a- I have to like keep like I own a house now. Okay? There's a lot of shit to do with that. Owning property isn't easy.

Kelly DeRoche 10:22


Michelle Villa 10:24

Yeah, for sure. But you know I think like where a lot of big like clashes over you know genre definitions. It comes from like punk rock because you know, I listen to pop punk we all listen to pop punk the most I would say but you know people kind of shit on me for like listening to pop punk because they're like, Oh, that's not like real punk. You know, pop or real punk rock's the Ramones? The Clash, you know? Yeah. And that, you know, namely my boyfriend. He makes fun of me for that stuff. But, you know, I don't know I think it just kind of, you know, goes down. It's all they're all like umbrellas for each other because under punk rock you're gonna get pop punk. You know I think- I think with a lot of pop punk it's also like a spectrum you know? There's like-

Brianne Brinkmann 11:11

Oh yeah

Michelle Villa 11:11

-some things are a little bit more punky Some things are a little bit more poppy but they're still pop punk right you know because I mean you know New Found Glory, Blink, Green Day, Fall Out Boy some of them have like- they're- you know, some of the classic pop punk bands but they're like you know, I- almost grittier versus like someone like All Time Low like- eh New Found Glory is not that gritty. But you know what I mean?

Brianne Brinkmann 11:35

Yeah, My Chemical Romance is more gritty than you know. Like they're more on the gritty scale than New Found Glory.

Michelle Villa 11:41

Yeah, well they're they're also a little bit more emo but they they also fall under pop punk. So see, that's where we are again, are seeing these-

Brianne Brinkmann 11:45

My Chemical Romance cannot be defined.

Michelle Villa 11:48

They cannot be defined.

Brianne Brinkmann 11:49

They cannot be defined. I'm a thespian now. It's fine.

Michelle Villa 11:55

But yeah, you know, and then there's neon pop punk, which is even like, more like bubblegum to me. Well, not really. I mean-

Kelly DeRoche 12:01

I thought this one was so cool. I had no idea this was the thing at all.

Brianne Brinkmann 12:04

Yeah, I agree.

Kelly DeRoche 12:06

I just think it's so accurate. And I feel like when I read the names of these bands, Metro Station, 3OH!3, Cobra Starship, Cash Cash, White Tie Affair, like, that's exactly like, it fits so perfectly to that name. And it's like, summertime, windows down, blasting and like screaming, singing kind of music. And like, that's awesome.

Michelle Villa 12:26

Synthy. It's a lot more poppy. But it's still you know, rock.

Kelly DeRoche 12:42

It's like exciting and like dancy kind of.

Michelle Villa 12:45

Are they bops, Kel?

Kelly DeRoche 12:47

Oh, yeah, they're bops

Brianne Brinkmann 12:49

but also their music is a lot more like a top 40 friendly, if you will, like a lot of people I know, like songs from these bands versus like, you know, Green Day Whatever like that stuff's way more niche. But like my sister who is not a rock person, like Eminem was her favorite artist growing up. She loves like 3OH!3and Cobra starship and all this stuff, but like, basically, individual songs like, these bands are a lot more individual songs rather than like someone's gonna listen to their discography.

Michelle Villa 13:22

Oh, for sure.

Brianne Brinkmann 13:24

Yeah. discographies that's the right word. Like I'm like that's right. Yeah. sounded weird.

Kelly DeRoche 13:29

Yeah below like our our one hit wonders. Kind of.

Michelle Villa 13:33

Yeah, yeah, for sure. And I mean, it's definitely I think it's the kind of it's the pop punk genre that makes it to the radio because it it does. Yeah, it's like a bigger audience can will jam to it. It's not it's we're not in the you know, 90s early 2000s where rock was on the radio, you know, all you get these days are Ariana Grande, Camilla Cabello, Shawn Mendez. And yeah, I mean, I like that music, but it it doesn't I think expand anybody's musical palette.

Do I sound pretentious? Because I want you to say

and then you know, we've got Emo. Now emo is interesting because it's just you wouldn't most people will think emo just think of emo they don't think of it as like rock music, but it's rock music it's just really sad rock music and it's definitely like punk ish and you know, and you know, like black like my soul. Yeah, exactly makes you want to cry. But it was really funny when I was like I said, when I was looking up all these definitions, Google had Skrillex listed as the first artist for emo

Brianne Brinkmann 14:44

get the fuck out of here No.

Michelle Villa 14:49

That just like totally threw me for a loop like what I think emo I My Chemical Romance is like number one, first of all, and like, you know, you get Taking Back Sunday and dashboard. And Hawthorne heights like Ohio's for lovers. Oh my god yeah emo anthem.

Brianne Brinkmann 15:04

Oh my god. Yeah. Oh my god I can't think of the name of the band but I there was like I can see the album cover it's the one with the Spaceman on it. Oh it's brand new pretty colors but

Michelle Villa 15:15

brand new.

Brianne Brinkmann 15:16

Yes them too.

Kelly DeRoche 15:18

Yeah. I feel like Mayday parade it's like,

Brianne Brinkmann 15:21

oh, yeah,

Michelle Villa 15:23

they're they're definitely super emo. Like I it's like I mean miserable at best. Let's Get Real but

Brianne Brinkmann 15:28

I was literally singing that in my head. I'm like, Katie Don't cry what? Yeah.

Michelle Villa 15:34

But I'm going back to brand new I actually don't listen to them anymore. I mean, I was never a huge fan. I haven't in years, but they he is now not entirely sure what came of it but he there were like sexual assault allegations against the same the front man. And so if you know, you know what the cancel culture of the internet these days, a lot of people were not just like brand new. Yeah, and it was like heartbreaking for a lot of people because like, you know these.. The thing about rock and a lot of these genres is that they like it's different from pop and I think rap because I think they really just define people's personalities they define people's lives. You know, you get so attached to the these, this music and these bands that like, you know, hearing something like that's gonna kill you, you know, it's it gives you like an identity crisis almost. Yeah, you know, and then this is a little bit more outside of our genre, you know, screamo and metal core.

Brianne Brinkmann 16:34

I feel like screamo still I listened to all these bands at one point, the metal core definitely is outside my


Michelle Villa 16:42

I definitely have a few stuff like screamo which apparently screamo was a derivative of crunk core. I don't know. What the fuck that is

Brianne Brinkmann 16:53

what the actual fuck is crunk core I'm sorry.

Kelly DeRoche 16:56

These words have to be made up like

Brianne Brinkmann 17:00

Definitely, but

Michelle Villa 17:02

But yeah, no, I mean, screamo is it's like it's emo, but it's just that aggressive emo, and

Brianne Brinkmann 17:08

I hate you loudly.

Kelly DeRoche 17:13

But is

the most accurate description of any genre I've ever heard. i hate you loudly

Michelle Villa 17:22

But yeah, they put Skrillex again, Google. I don't know why they're so like Skrillex is these genres. I don't know. I don't like it.

Kelly DeRoche 17:32

I bet you know how much but I don't. I just don't believe it.

Michelle Villa 17:35

I don't agree. Yeah. But, you know, like screamo I used to listen to senses fail all the time. When I was in high school. Silverstein just listened to a couple of songs. Bless the fall I don't listen to but I follow Beau Bokan on Instagram. Married, he's married to lights. They're just the cutest family with their daughter. Rocket.

Brianne Brinkmann 17:58

I was living literally about to ask is that the people who have the baby

Kelly DeRoche 18:02

She's not a baby now, she's like what six now or something close and she's just as like cool and like it's so cool stuff like it's way cooler than me. Love that

Brianne Brinkmann 18:18

got me. Yeah,

Michelle Villa 18:19

seriously and then like we said we thought metal core was a little bit outsider our stuff but I still listen to some of this stuff it's a derivative of screamo but it's like

Brianne Brinkmann 18:30

Killswitch Engage hell yeah .

Michelle Villa 18:32

Yes, Killswitch Engage. You know the only reason I listen to Killswitch Engage was because a guy I had a crush on in high school was like a huge fan and like his Instagram -- His AIM screen name was

Brianne Brinkmann 18:47

oh my god deep cuts right now. AIM

honestly say I've never called it aim it was always aim.

Michelle Villa 18:57

Aim weird yet If funny, that's interesting, but it for all those really young listeners out there because you know, there's so many of you right now.

And some of you might not know what aim or aim is. It was AOL Instant Messenger. So, you know, it was just you know, it was our way to communicate in the late 90s, early 2000s. You know, I think we're really showing our age here.

Brianne Brinkmann 19:25

Yeah, back when dial up was a thing. You had to yell at your mom to get off the phone in order to use the internet.

Michelle Villa 19:29

They don't know what dial up is either. And then, you know, we could go on and on you know, there's grunge there's post-grundge. There's post punk scape heavy metal deathcore Nintendo core Evo rap, so many

Kelly DeRoche 19:44

Nintendo core?.

Brianne Brinkmann 19:46

Wait what hell is Nintendo core?

Kelly DeRoche 19:48

Patent Pending. they have their own genre

Michelle Villa 19:50

100% . It's like a it's like an eight bit like nerdy. It's like nerdy subjects and then like they've got that kind of like video game sound. Okay,

Kelly DeRoche 20:02

yeah, that's awesome. I don't know anyone like that. Aside from patent pending.

Michelle Villa 20:07

there's a there's a couple of bands that I'll show you or maybe we'll talk about them on the show at some point we'll do a whole segment on Nintendo core. Oh, God, I thought I honestly thought when you say patent pending that you meant Nintendo core, you were naming it and it was quote unquote, patent pending. I didn't realize it was a band. No, it's a band, Bri. But you know, like I said, there's just so many like, I mean, even Indie falls under the rock genre, but that's just like so far removed from like, the stuff that we listen to though. I do still like a lot of this stuff.

Brianne Brinkmann 20:36

Like I say, all of those bands I listen to, um, I just the strokes. I don't really listen to them. Yeah,

Michelle Villa 20:40

like Vampire Weekend Arcade Fire Mumford and Sons, modest mouse, Arctic Monkeys, the strokes, the strokes was actually they played at a more Bernies rally was Bernie they, they had a he had a rally a week or two ago. I think it was in New Hampshire. And it may not And played at the rally. It was just like how blew my mind that he would this?

How old is he? 70 something. It

has like a band like the strokes play at his rally, which I thought was pretty cool. But uh, uh, but yeah, you know, and I guess that that shows like how expansive really rock is and, you know, anybody can listen to any of these genres at any time. Even if it's just a song. It's just a band. It's a there's so much to the rock genre. And I think the conclusion became to to shut down all arguments across the internet forever, is that rock is all the same. You can't really define a lot of bands and music and stuff. And that's a that's that is the final conclusion. Are we in agreement? No,

Kelly DeRoche 21:47

you're welcome. I feel I feel like that's good. We solved it, guys. We solved it.

Michelle Villa 21:51

So now we're gonna go on to music news. And we're gonna start off with probably one of the biggest news is the scene from in a while. They knew we were thinking about getting the band back together so they got theirs back together first and totally stole our thunder. My Chemical Romance has reunited after actually I think it was they went on hiatus the same year we stopped doing the mosh pit which was 2013 when me and Brianne graduated. Hey Kelly and Paige did it. The mosh pit after you graduated Yeah, you guys did it for like, what a semester.

Kelly DeRoche 22:32

No, we did it until i graduated!

Michelle Villa 22:36


Kelly DeRoche 22:37

We're back

Brianne Brinkmann 22:38

the mosh pit was the longest running show on WJMF history. Sup?

Kelly DeRoche 22:43


Michelle Villa 22:44

I'm actually surprised though Kel I forgot? Did it that long. Maybe I was just an asshole and stopped listening.

Brianne Brinkmann 22:51

I used to listen. When I was at my dad's office when I was working for him and like labor. It's fine.

Michelle Villa 22:58

No, I think I listened to it. Maybe I just forgot how long it actually lasted for. Yeah. But yeah, back to My Chemical Romance. I love them and I'm excited that they're back. But at the same time, it's always weird when bands come back together after such a long time, because they're, you know, it's it's I feel like it's always hard for them to like mesh again and

Brianne Brinkmann 23:22

um, are they doing new music or is it just a reunion tour?

Michelle Villa 23:25

I think it's just reunion for right now. But they, I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if that's kind of like next on their list of things.

Brianne Brinkmann 23:32

See i feel like a reunion tours a lot easier for them to get to deal with getting back together. It's when bands out of nowhere come back after a long time with new music and it's never as good as the original stuff. I mean, nothing's usually as good as the original stuff, but it's just like, oh, you tried nice.

Kelly DeRoche 23:48

No, you want it to be good so badly. Yeah, but exactly. It just doesn't live up and there's so much hype to for if that were to happen, there will be so much like pressure and hype. For it to be amazing.

Michelle Villa 24:01

Yeah, it's just never gonna live up to the expectations even if it is good.

Kelly DeRoche 24:05

Right exactly.

Michelle Villa 24:06

Yeah. And I mean honestly like I like I said, I love My Chemical Romance. I know you guys weren't ever big fans, right? Just like kind of their popular stuff.

Kelly DeRoche 24:14

I'm not huge fan. I like their I like their anthems like they do have, for sure. A couple like anthems. Yeah, Teenagers, I'm not okay. But aside, like those few I have never really gotten super into them. But even so I was still, like, very excited to hear about the reunion.

Michelle Villa 24:35

Yeah, I think that's cool. But, um, and I was like, totally planning on like, you know, spending some decent, decent chunk of change to go see them. And then I remembered because I thought I'd never seen them before. And then I remembered that I had and I'm like, Oh, yeah, they weren't that great live.

Brianne Brinkmann 24:53

No, no, not a great live band. So I'm like, so there's not really. And age isn't doing much for them.

Kelly DeRoche 25:00

Yeah for sure. So I don't I'm definitely not seen them live before but I do have to say when when they played I'm not okay at emo night it was probably like the single best moment ever

Brianne Brinkmann 25:16

i imagine everyone just losing their fucking minds.

Kelly DeRoche 25:19

Yeah just an emo night that song playing was insane

Michelle Villa 25:22

like everybody gets so into it at emo nights I love going to them

Brianne Brinkmann 25:28

Womp womp jacksonville florida doesn't do emo night.

Michelle Villa 25:32

aw, well I mean there's it's not only like, because there's the two major ones emo night Brooklyn and then emo night LA, which I've been to both and emo night Brooklyn's better but I'm just about to I'm starting a war right now between the emo nights. i was about to say.. there's gonna be some comments.

But um, there's always like, um,

I mean, I don't know, maybe Jacksonville doesn't have these either, but like there's local emo nights like it around here. There are local there are local emo nights by me so maybe you just have to search them out.

Brianne Brinkmann 26:09

i'll Keep an eye out we'll see. Yeah.

Michelle Villa 26:12

At any rate, I think we're all going to choose to listen to My Chemical Romance at emo nights versus live and in person, though it is still exciting news that they're back. as much as it's exciting news that the mosh pits back So also, recently I think it was at the end of January waterparks dropped their unreleased demos. After Awsten Knight the front man he challenged fans to get 20,000 retweets. Absolutely chaos ensued. People at hopeless records were crying It was like the end of the world. No, I'm just kidding. But it was. It was it was funny it to see that because the fandoms you can see how like really loyal and powerful that the fandom can be. That, you know, Awsten was like yeah, let me just make this joke and I don't think it's gonna happen and then his fans are like, haha guess again

Kelly DeRoche 27:08

How do we know how many retweets I got? Did he get?

Michelle Villa 27:11

I think I got like 21 I think he got like 21,000 Yeah

Yeah, because I think once they hit like a scene

Kelly DeRoche 27:20

Yeah, yeah. I meant 200,000

Brianne Brinkmann 27:26

yeah forgot the extra zero

Michelle Villa 27:30

but yeah, it really shows how rabid the fans of the scene can be and that can be like super positive like this situation but you know there's also like a really negative aspect to it like you know, the whole Stan culture. And Awsten from waterparks actually did an interview about it and you know, a quote from the article for louder sound said in 2016 when we started doing cool stuff, we got a lot of like, I'm glad this is happening, I guess but I miss what it was just my thing. He says, pausing to yell into his hands that is so selfish. Even at the time, I was like, I was poor that I'm poor now stop, because he was talking about how, like really like, you know, with the internet you have like these bands so accessible. So, you know, especially for like teenagers who are like, more impressionable maybe, like, you know, the younger people in the scene, they they really connect to these people and, you know, they think that because that they can talk to them on Twitter, that they're their best friend but you know, they don't actually know them, you know, and that's that I think that can be super dangerous too you know, not only for one's own mental health as a fan, but like for the bands that we listen to, you know, it, it kind of might, you know, make them not want to continue making music for fans because, you know, they just don't want to deal with the fandoms

Kelly DeRoche 28:50

that's what they're they call their newest album too, right?. Whether they had an EP or something.

Michelle Villa 28:56

I think there was something like that. Yeah. And I actually listened to the the The things that they released and it wasn't bad it I, it definitely seemed like really cool vibes like I don't even remember what band It reminded me of but it was a more I liked it more than I've liked previous waterparks stuff because I wasn't I've never I've liked some of their songs but I wasn't like obsessed.

Kelly DeRoche 29:19

You know, I like their songs I think they would for me But back to that genre talk. I feel like they would kind of fall into that neon pop punk

Michelle Villa 29:27

is it just cuz his hair's green.

Kelly DeRoche 29:34

But I feel like it's their music is very like danceable and I don't know. I think it it falls into into that and it does not hurt that his hair is neon green. So

Michelle Villa 29:45

yeah, I definitely agree that they could totally fall into the neon pop punk genre. While we I feel

Kelly DeRoche 29:51

like they're there. Um, have you heard? What is it called, watch what happens next? there well, so their song Watch what happens next. I'm pretty sure that's what it's called. is like kind so how we were saying in that interview like I was poor that and poor now the song is like, talking about how he wants like a big car he wants nice thing or a big house a nice car, he wants nice things. And all of that, and I feel like it's easy for fans to be like, Oh, this is I feel like a frontman to in bands and like bands in general you like put them on this pedestal and like you think they maybe like make more money than they do? Or they have more than you? Oh, really? They're people like us.

Michelle Villa 29:52

Yeah, unless they're like really popular. They're making salaries like the rest of us yeah, it's not it's not that much. You know, and there's

Brianne Brinkmann 30:46

a lot of sacrifice to Yeah, like, there's a lot of like, I know a lot of bands for like, talk about how they're on the road all the time and like their wives and their kids like I mean, the bands we used to listen to in college are now at that point in their lives, where they're having Kids and you know the whole thing and like, it's like Travis from we the kings, I think has like five kids now or something obscene.

Michelle Villa 31:06

i think its only like three

Brianne Brinkmann 31:09

No, his wife is pregnant, his wife's pregnant again. So they at least have four. Or they're going for four I follow him on Instagram, his wife is adorable anyways, um, but he like, he talks about how he tries not to, like, they don't really go and they I mean, they tour but not as much because of the fact that like he wants to be at home with his family and whatnot makes it way harder.

Michelle Villa 31:30

Yeah, for like, I can imagine priorities changes as they get older, you know, as much as like, you know, this is their passion and everything, you know, they do have other aspects of their lives that we aren't necessarily privy to, you know, as much as going back to waterparks as much as we're not fans of them. We are the biggest fans of all time low, also known as the loves of our lives, and they have a new single out and it's about damn time because Last year Renegade came out in 2017. And I've been following all time low for more than a decade. And they've been pretty consistent about releasing albums every two years. And they're overdue.

Kelly DeRoche 32:13

We're ready.

Michelle Villa 32:14

But yeah, so what did you guys think about the song? Which some kind of disaster that's what it's called? Yeah, I forgot for a second.

Kelly DeRoche 32:23

I mean, obviously I loved it, but I did I tell you my very first reaction to the song like what it reminded me of, no, I didnt? So remember that song from it was like a one hit wonder in the 90s in like the late 90s that I forget. I don't even know who sings it, but it was oh my

Brianne Brinkmann 32:44

god, are you what are you talking

That's alanis morisette

Kelly DeRoche 32:56

no idea

the whole beginning part of some kind of disaster just like took me back to that song.

Michelle Villa 33:11

That's fair. interesting. I can maybe I can kind of see that. But, uh, what I really liked about it is I thought they were, you know, they're still like moving forward with their sound they're still like doing you know, their own stuff and like, you know, they, but I felt like some throwbacks to to you know, like real old all time low but like also still like sticking with the like last young Renegade vibe. And that was Yeah, I

Brianne Brinkmann 33:36

just remember when dirty laundry came out and all of us were so torn on it because like we all wanted that breakdown at like the first verse and like, you know, yeah, all getting really frustrated like they're not giving us what we want and the problem with that is it's like they don't they don't give a shit what we want they want to make music they want to make and

Michelle Villa 33:55

I mean, I think they do give a shit while we walk. But but you know what I mean, though, like

Brianne Brinkmann 33:58

they're, they're more focused on like, What they want to make and then hopefully we like it which we did like it just took a little bit to get used to it but I do like how they're kind of like pivoting to try to merge the two kind of vibes

Michelle Villa 34:10

well so for me You know what's funny is uh this is why as I listen to bands like you know I started listening to bands sometimes you know with their first albums their EPs and then as their sound as they continue their their musical journey if you will they you know they'll always evolve their sound and I'm always more willing to give them a chance because of my experience with all time low because I remember when I heard weightless for the first time off of nothing personal this so think about like the real like true pop punk vibes it's so wrong it's right gives you and then you hear weightless and it's just so different at which and not at the same time. And I

Brianne Brinkmann 34:51

i never felt like it was super different. I loved it from

Michelle Villa 34:55

eh but I think it was like a more maybe. I don't know how to explain What it was different to me.

Brianne Brinkmann 35:01

Yeah, that's fair.

Kelly DeRoche 35:03

It's more pop and like maybe more mainstream.

Michelle Villa 35:06

Yeah. And then also, they did something I don't know, to me, Alex's voice was different. And then, so it took me a bit to get used to it, but I fell in love with it. It's one of my favorite songs. And that album is fantastic. And, you know, as they continue to grow, I'm always just willing to, I always end up liking their music, even if at first I'm a little iffy on it, because I give it a chance and your like gut instinct might be to like, hate it because it's different, but different's not Always. Not always bad, you know?

Kelly DeRoche 35:36

That was wise.

Michelle Villa 35:37

Thanks, guys.

And then the video was pretty cool. I was very confused by it. At first. I was like what is happening here?

Kelly DeRoche 35:47

It felt like it was deep but I understood it.

Brianne Brinkmann 35:49

I didn't get too deep.

Michelle Villa 35:53

But the one thing about this song that has thrown me because someone tweeted at Alex about the lyrics because you know, you get a lot of misheard lyrics around and in songs so you want to clarify them and someone asked if I woke up from a never ending dream I shut my eyes at 17 I lost every moment in between. I felt the sun rise up and swallow me. Yeah. I don't know. I had to say the Yeah, but yeah, but some people were asking if it was sun or song. And most people were singing sun because you know, like, the whole little little sun icon that they're using now it's on their mech and all of that. But you know, Alex's response was it could be either or, because it was song and then it was he finally landed on sun but you can sing it either way and that kind of killed me

Kelly DeRoche 36:47

there is a right answer. dont give me all this gray area Alex. Right.

Michelle Villa 36:56

But yeah, you know, regardless of what Alex says, The song was good. And I'm looking forward to more new music in the coming months because I'm sure their album is going to drop soon. Yes.

Brianne Brinkmann 37:09

Wait before we transition away from this, I also wanted to talk about real quick the just the lyrics and how it showed we were talking before about like bands progressing and getting older and you know, the whole thing. I felt like the lat I don't know if it's the first or the bridge, but the part where it's like, well, I've sung the song 1000 times I've wore the crown, I sold a lie, I live my life and paid for every crime. Yeah. And the whole song kind of makes me feel like you can easily translate the chorus into feeling like, Oh, it's the dating thing. But like, the it's the it's all my fault, and I'm still the one you want. Like, I feel like it's him talking to fans about like, you know, like, we've been through this like, I'm getting older, like this is great. Like, you know, I mean, like, the fact that there was that whole controversy with I feel like dancing and all that stuff about how they were selling out and trying to be on the radio versus doing what they wanted to do and they're getting away from their vibe so I feel like that's kind of a nod to that part of their lives if that makes sense.

Michelle Villa 38:10

Well when they were on that major label for sure that was a that was a treacherous time in all time lows career.

Brianne Brinkmann 38:17

True, but I love that album.

Michelle Villa 38:19

I do too. It was it's a fun one. It's like a you know the kind of album like Kelly said you listen in the summer with your windows down and it doesn't have to be that deep. It's just it's Yeah,

Kelly DeRoche 38:30

all time lows neon pop punk.

My new favorite genre, I guess.

Michelle Villa 38:37

You're just gonna call everything neon pop punk.

But yeah, I totally agree. I think that, you know, I think that's definitely the message in the in the song. But yeah, you know, and I think that's what's beautiful about music. Is it like what you said it could easily be translated into like a love kind of thing. But you know, it's how people interpret it and what It means to them and I think that's awesome so Next on the agenda you know that we say I mean obviously we have a basically a pop punk podcast though you know we cover all

Brianne Brinkmann 39:15

will dabble will dabble in other rock

Michelle Villa 39:18

and we are very big advocates that pop punk is not dead and you know who else is an advocate new found glory and simple plan they have announced that pop punks not dead still Wait hold on let me try that again the pop punk is not dead not still not

Kelly DeRoche 39:38

you didnt type that correctly

Michelle Villa 39:40

I didn't yes the pop punk'd still not dead tour I just wrote it wrong in our notes guys. That's all

Kelly DeRoche 39:52

pop punk's not dead still not dead. Yes. that's how i write

Michelle Villa 40:00

Guys don't make fun of me whatever

Kelly DeRoche 40:02

anyways, fuck yeah pop punks not dead but you know what I find interesting that pop punk has evolved a lot and for me right now in this era pop punk is defined by like bands like state champs and neck deep but it's interesting that you know the you know the giants in this genre new found glory and simple plan are the ones like headlining a tour like this. And you know, it's interesting because it's like yeah, they're like, should they like let other bands kind of be the ones that are like the stars of the genre?

Brianne Brinkmann 40:38

Yo, like they're trying to they're trying to grab the spotlight from the

Michelle Villa 40:41

Yeah, well, I mean, I love new found glory. I love Simple Plan. But when I've seen simple plan live a few times recently, in the last couple years, and they play all their old stuff, they don't play any new stuff, new found glory, a lot of their old stuff. They have played like some of their newer albums, but they're not as good as the older stuff. So like at this point, people go for nostalgia. Yeah, but are they like actually, you know, just kind of taking the spotlight away from newer bands? Or you know, I mean, you could say they're giving younger bands opportunity for more for a bigger platform because they're taking knuckle puck on tour and I'm a fan of knuckle puck

Brianne Brinkmann 41:17


Kelly DeRoche 41:20

Giving they're giving newer bands like an opportunity to open up for them too this is huge for knuckle puck to open for simple plan and new found glory.

Michelle Villa 41:29

Yeah, I don't. I don't follow knuckle puck much, but I don't think I've ever seen the headline a tour. So something like this could give them the opportunity headline if they, you know, pick up and get a lot of new fans and stuff. And you know, it's all in the same genre that people that like new found glory and simple plan, there's going to be people that are gonna like knuckle puck for sure.

Brianne Brinkmann 41:55

Yeah, actually, I think No, they weren't on tour with blink nevermind for some reason. I thought it was. I also think that now that Warped Tour is essentially dead like they're not doing it anymore that there aren't these you know big shows you're able to see these little niche bands and you know to me like half the bands I ended up liking I saw for the first time at Warped Tour and just went on a whim because there wasn't anything in that time slot that I wanted to see. So the fact that there isn't that kind of a platform I mean, now it's on the internet but like there's no way to see people in person you know, you mean like neck deep isn't going to just out of nowhere get like this crazy, you know, countrywide tour with people actually wanting to go to it they have to like, you know, hitch a ride on to something else. So also, I feel like I don't have any bands to say that pump punk that pop punk is still not dead. I feel like those are the two bands I was thinking of like, I'm surprised the band still alive.

Michelle Villa 42:51

Oh my god.

Brianne Brinkmann 42:53

like not to know just like keel over and die.

It just, you know, how do you know how like when people become famous and you haven't heard about them forever? It's like it's not first did that person die? I don't remember. It was it's more of like that mentality of like, shut up. I'm not wrong, like, okay, you're telling me right now if there's an actor who's like in their 50s and you're like, I haven't heard anything about them in like, three years. You kind of wonder did I miss when they died?

Michelle Villa 43:22

I mean, I guess so. But just cuz you haven't seen new found glory.

Brianne Brinkmann 43:26

Oh, I know. I'm not saying that. I'm just saying Personally, I haven't heard anything. So when I saw this, I was like, oh, they're still doing their thing. Good to know.

Michelle Villa 43:38

Um no im thinking about it, but I don't know. Because I've seen new found glory a lot. And the crowds always kind of it's a little rough.

Kelly DeRoche 43:49

I was just gonna say I will. I think I would want to go to this show, but it's on the night of my brother's wedding. So I will not be attending

Brianne Brinkmann 43:58

oooh Yeah,

Michelle Villa 44:01

All right so next Kelly actually brought this up to us that pat kirch for the man is not going on the mirror Europe UK tour.

Kelly DeRoche 44:12

Yeah, he's not going he's home they're on tour now. But Pat is staying home so he can be with his wife for the birth of his first kid. So we talked about this earlier with Travis from we the Kings to having seven children.

Brianne Brinkmann 44:29

I'm gonna look it up right now I swear to god, there's at least four.

Kelly DeRoche 44:33

But it's just I think this one hit me so much harder because Pat is like, Pat is the Maine like

Michelle Villa 44:40

he's so iconic with his long hair.

Kelly DeRoche 44:42

He just like does everything for them and he like is so into it all and he just like loves it so much. That when I saw this, I was like, Oh my god, it's so real. He probably I how hard must have been for him to like, choose not to go on tour. I don't know.

Brianne Brinkmann 45:02

I mean, I feel like kids kind of change or change your perspective.

Michelle Villa 45:05

Oh, yeah, for sure. Yeah, no, but I mean, I think, you know, it was probably like, yeah, tough decision, but like, I mean, or maybe actually, it probably wasn't because I think you would want to be there for the birth of your kid. But, you know, he was really like, like, I don't know, it was nice, the way he kind of told everybody He's like, Listen, I'll be back. It's this is not the end. It's just you know, gotta be there but like it his little note to it. I can't wait to be back with you all the next tour in the next 50 years of the maine I love that. Cuz the maine is one of those bands that I like, tune in and out of, and you know, I didn't listen to them for a couple albums. And then I came back to them and I just love how much they love their art. They love their music and like they put everything into it and then they love their their fans so much like they do They do so much for their fans like one of their like staples that i guess i love about them is that you don't have to pay to meet another human being and they don't like charge extra for like VIPs and stuff and I think that's one of like, the best things that they do and you know, they've really built a community and a family around the 8123 group like yeah, so I think that's fantastic you know, and I think going back to what we were talking about like fandoms and like Stan culture earlier I think it's like one of the healthiest things because like, they truly make their fans feel like they're part of the family.

Kelly DeRoche 46:33

Yeah. And even like how detailed he was with like this note, and like him saying all this people I guess, like fans, were still like freaking out that the band was going to be over and all this stuff. So Pat and Garrett do a podcast together too, the 8123 podcast and they talked about Pat not going on tour and one of the episodes and he he said that he just wants to make sure fans like Understand this isn't the end of the maine and like all this stuff so I'm just like so surprised even with like how open he's being about it. There's people are still freaking out everyone's just like so scared that it's gonna be over

Brianne Brinkmann 47:15

update Travis Clark has three children. I was wrong but still had three.

Michelle Villa 47:23

Oh I said three I said about three.

Brianne Brinkmann 47:25

I said three or four I couldn't remember I thought there was four I for some he posts so much about his kids and he posted a ton about his wife being pregnant. Like when he shows up in my timeline, so I was like, he's not sure

Michelle Villa 47:36

I did see a lot about her about Jenny being pregnant.

Brianne Brinkmann 47:40

Jenny's adorable. Their whole family

Michelle Villa 47:42

cute, adorable. One of my favorite things about their relationship is a song is it. One of the songs is Anna Maria. I think it is because it's Anna Maria Island and that's like where like they got engaged and like that kind of stuff and like it's about her and it's really cute. I think I love that song too.

Brianne Brinkmann 48:02

I just realized who I confuse Travis Clark with. And Michelle, you you'll you'll appreciate

Michelle Villa 48:07

Steve Weatherford.

Yes, I knew it.

Brianne Brinkmann 48:10

He's got like seven kids.

Michelle Villa 48:12

Yes, that's true.

Brianne Brinkmann 48:14

Okay, so yeah, I feel validated. I'm like there's there's some man that I follow on Instagram that's famous as 1000 kids I just saw Yeah, sports and music. Okay, anyways, moving on.

Michelle Villa 48:26

So next neck deep. is being cryptic as fuck. They they've been like, posting pictures with like, I what was it an orange or something? And like, it was very weird and I hate it when bands are like, mysterious because it's like, just give me

Brianne Brinkmann 48:50

Yes. Caption Hi. Hello. How are you? What?

Michelle Villa 48:54

Yes, so annoying. But so so far what they've uh, they've let known to the public. They have an app like a fan app which I downloaded and basically it invites you to some sort of immersive fan experience in London called Sonderland. Is that how you pronounce that yeah probably I'm telling you I am tempted to go

Kelly DeRoche 49:19

i wanna go so much

Brianne Brinkmann 49:21

Anyone else like just in awe of the fact of that we are now in the era of oh this band released an app like it's no fucking big deal like that's so weird to me. Like Am I the only one? like there's an app for that is now applying to bands?

Michelle Villa 49:37

I guess I suppose but like I don't know like there were always like, like fan forums and fan community like

Brianne Brinkmann 49:45

Yeah, but those weren't like you know I mean, it's usually just crazy fans making I'm not crazy fans but in no no.

Michelle Villa 49:52

No, I the bands would like create like places for fans to like kind of

Kelly DeRoche 49:57

on their wesite. Yeah, anything else on their website. So now you're saying that the website is now an app? Yeah.

Brianne Brinkmann 50:04

Yeah, I guess I don't know. It just it was was one of the things when I saw the app, I was like, What?

Kelly DeRoche 50:09

Yeah, I know. Well, it's like the first one right? I don't think any other band has an app and I know

Michelle Villa 50:15

not that I know of either. I can't think of anybody off the top of my head

Kelly DeRoche 50:18

so technologically advanced

Michelle Villa 50:20

they are and I mean, I wonder thinking that they're technologically advanced. I wonder what this immersive fan experience will entail because you know, like, the mirror tour the back going back to the main that was like a whole big experience immersive experience that they called it I didn't go to the mirror so I don't know what that actually

Kelly DeRoche 50:41

I went to the mirror tour. It was like I don't know. I didn't like feel super immersed, like felt like a normal concert. Okay, but I mean, like so they did like couple things like everyone was wearing like the mustard yellow. and like, the whole crowd was like kind of wearing that color and the drinks at the bar were I think like the maine themed or like that album themed and then there was this little like photo area where they had mirrors and like flowers and stuff. And you can put like a flower on the grave and stuff like that

Brianne Brinkmann 51:25

what you're telling me is that if someone went high as balls that would have a great fucking time.

Kelly DeRoche 51:30

I mean, probably but

Brianne Brinkmann 51:34

I mean, To be fair, I'm that's not my thing. Like I'm not into that kind of thing. If you aren't good for you do it safely. But I just did anytime I hear some kind of crazy immersive thing. I'm just like, maybe it's because I saw people tripping on mushrooms at the Van Gogh Museum, I just automatically assume that when I studied abroad I these two girls I went with literally ate like magic mushrooms and went through the Van Gogh Museum and their reactions were priceless. So you have like an immersive like experience. I just picture your people like doing some kind of like hallucinogenic, hallucinogenic drugs and being like, wow, you know?

Sorry that yeah, that's just me.

Michelle Villa 52:12

I totally get it. I mean, I will just have to see like what this immersive fan experience is. I mean, we're gonna have to experience it secondhand because we're not going to London, unfortunately. But yeah, so I'm excited to see you know what neck deep has in store for sure. Moving on. I'm also excited to see what real friends has in store because they just parted ways. With their front man and vocalist Dan Lambton. I think that's how you pronounce it. He's like, a twitch streamer. So I think he's gonna still be doing that and like, they had like creative differences. But I think it's gonna be really interesting to see where that band goes. Because like typically when a band loses their vocalist is even though the rest of the band is still together. It changes everything. So yeah, I don't know.

Brianne Brinkmann 52:59

It's hard because I feel like though, like as much as we all want to say like, Oh, no, totally the, you know, the vocalist isn't the heart and soul of the band because the like actual sound changes, and you can change like arrangements easily and whatnot, and you'll never know. But it's hard to disassociate the lead singer from the band name, you know, like, we're sure no one knows who Maroon five. I mean, let's be let's be honest, Adam Levine is a bigger name than anyone else in Maroon five, like 100 just as more of a mainstream example.

But yeah, like, I don't know. It's

Michelle Villa 53:34

all right. And as always, it's very true like I can't I couldn't imagine like all time low for example, without Alex Gaskarth. Like for me, back in the day, Amber Pacific was one of my favorite bands, before I even discovered all time low. And they they changed vocalists at one point and then they went back to him and that you could you sense the difference. Like it was it was a complete change. I didn't feel like the same band, even though it was mostly the same band. So yeah, well, it'll be interesting. They got a new vocalist or not. Yeah. Yeah, this just happened like a couple days ago. So I don't know what's, uh, what's gonna be going on. It's a it's a bummer, because as, as I mentioned earlier, my boyfriend does not like pop punk, but he liked real friends. So having one of the only bands

So yeah, but um, we'll see. And so the final thing that we're going to talk about in music news is Hayley Williams. Brianne, you uh, you have strong feelings about it

Brianne Brinkmann 54:50

I have very strong feelings about this. So Hayley Williams released a new single by herself. I forget what the name of it was, but she posted something about it on it. Instagram and so I was like, on my lunch break at work, I'll listen. So it's she went straight with a music video and it is just it's very strange. It's like, techno-y she's like whispering there's I don't know the music video itself is her like naked running through the woods being chased by someone and then she walks into this house and like, finds a bowl of clay with some candy. It's like real, like demonic shit where she like covers itself in this weird clay and then there's this like dark figure that comes to kill her and then because she's in the clay, it doesn't see her I don't fucking know. It's so weird. Like, I love hayley williams her voice sounds amazing in it, and it's like it. I've listened to it a couple times, and it's grown on me each time but it's never gonna be like ultimate Paramore. Like we were talking earlier about how their Paramore's last album was like, quote unquote weird but it was just a very 80's vibe. But it's so good. This is weird. I'm like, I don't know if I'll be able to get on board with this. And I love Haley It's very strange. I don't know. I just need to send. Yeah, there you go strange. You guys. Yeah, go watch the video and then report back to us on our various social medias

Michelle Villa 55:17

@themoshpitpod, go ahead and follow us on Facebook and Instagram had a nice little plug. So that's all we got for you with music news and

Brianne Brinkmann 56:21

news. I love the inflection.

Michelle Villa 56:24

Yeah, the music news. That's it.

So now we're gonna get into our band spotlight of the month. And, drumroll please. Oh, can we insert that? Yeah, we'll insert

it is all time low. Duh. That's my best Billie Eilish voice.

Brianne Brinkmann 56:54

I was so confused. When you put that in the notes. I was like, What do you mean Billie Eilish like her really high pitch like I don't know what to

Michelle Villa 57:09

So as we've mentioned all time low is like our favorite band pretty much across the board all three of us. Because one, it brought us together and I mean, obviously they just have awesome music in our opinions. Obviously, there are some of you out there who probably think they're lame, but whatever. We want you listening to our show anyway. No, I'm just kidding. Please listen.

Brianne Brinkmann 57:33

starting trouble already Michelle.

Michelle Villa 57:36

Just causing trouble left and right. But so all time low. For those who don't know, they're from are they actually from Baltimore? Or Towsen? Or

Brianne Brinkmann 57:46

I don't know. I mean, they just

town. I don't know. Regardless, I'm just gonna go.

Michelle Villa 57:53

I'm gonna go to Baltimore. I mean, they have a song called For Baltimore. Okay. But yeah, so there Started in around 04, 05 I believe and 05 I think was when so wrong it's right came out which was their debut album and they have just blown up since then they have now wait so wrong its right nothing personal dirty work future hearts don't panic future hearts six albums now. Yeah there's this Yeah, this is gonna be their seventh whatever or do they have so i can't i whatever regardless, we're really good about facts

Brianne Brinkmann 58:34

hold on

Michelle Villa 58:37

but yeah you know i mean there's not much to it um Alex and jack I believe started the band and they found Rian and Zack and well they found Rian and then I think they had auditions for like bassits and Zach showed up. And that's how all time low came to be watch all of that be wrong

Brianne Brinkmann 59:00

Give me 10 seconds. Wikipedia will play that game. All Time Low formed in 2003. And Townson Good job, Michelle. Oh. Oh three

Band's name is taken from the lyrics of head on collision by new found glory.

Michelle Villa 59:17

Yes, I knew that. Oh, yeah, yeah, yep, they were. It's a I can't remember the words all right. And I would sing it for you but I'm tone tone deaf

Brianne Brinkmann 59:27

so also You missed Mich I'm surprised that you you missed their EBP the party scene so it's right nothing personal dirty work. Don't panic future hearts. last young renegade Shut up.

Michelle Villa 59:40

put up or shut up was an EP as well.

Brianne Brinkmann 59:43

Well, I according to Wikipedia, they have their history listed as like different sections. Yeah, the party scenes so wrong its right nothing personal dirty work. Don't panic, future hearts and last young renegade. Yeah. So they have seven ish and this will be their eighth yes

Michelle Villa 1:00:04

yeah I didn't say what is it no the party scene because that's right yeah

Brianne Brinkmann 1:00:13

fair but

Michelle Villa 1:00:15

I'm surprised though that they don't mention put up or shut up

Brianne Brinkmann 1:00:19

cuz I usually just like a list real quick super

Michelle Villa 1:00:22

cuz I'm fairly certain so I have an all time little tattoo it says smile like you don't give a damn about the consequence on my foot it hurt like a bitch but that's off of we say summer which I think is actually on put up or shut up

Kelly DeRoche 1:00:41

I don't think it is. Oh, I feel like that may be the party scene. Let's see.

Michelle Villa 1:00:48

Oh yeah, you're right. Is it the party scene?

Brianne Brinkmann 1:00:51

I lied. Whatever. What's new, how dare you?

Michelle Villa 1:00:57

But yeah, so I mean, despite us knowing the facts as well as we thought we did.

Brianne Brinkmann 1:01:04

We've never claimed to know thoughts. I just liked the music.

Michelle Villa 1:01:07

Yeah, I've been I've been a fan since I think. 05, 06 I remember I was like, early High School. What about you guys?

Kelly DeRoche 1:01:15

Yeah, probably probably early High School for me too which was like, like, probably a year after you.

Michelle Villa 1:01:22

Yeah, so like, we were like, 08

Kelly DeRoche 1:01:24

like so wrong. It's right. I became like a big fan

Yeah, that sounds like about right but I do remember like I don't know if this was like while it was happening are like after I started getting into them, but I remember being absolutely obsessed with coffee shop soundtrack. And I just watched like, I just remember watching Alex performing that acoustic on like, on YouTube, like, on repeat for like weeks when I found it. Weird, but yeah. I was obsessed with that. Song.

Michelle Villa 1:02:00

Oh, that reminds me like a throwback to like Buzznet days. And they would post like, Oh yeah, tour videos.

Brianne Brinkmann 1:02:10

I don't even know her. Nope, no idea. No,

Kelly DeRoche 1:02:13

The orignal BuzzFeed.

Michelle Villa 1:02:15

Yeah, it was like, but like bands had profiles and they post like videos for fans. I watched like every single one

Brianne Brinkmann 1:02:24

remember I was I was like in the closet. I was like, I was like in the closet scene kid, like I didn't like I didn't have many friends who actually were into it and I like would one day wear like a punk rock t shirt and then the next day we're two polos layered over each other with one popped color.

Michelle Villa 1:02:42

EWWWW dont admit that

Brianne Brinkmann 1:02:45

I was so embarrassed. I am honest with our fans on like you, you liar.

Michelle Villa 1:02:51

Whatever. But um, do you guys remember how you discovered all time low because I remember my story and it's ridiculous

Brianne Brinkmann 1:02:59

I mean, to be cool. honestly don't I'm betting It was probably like when I went to warped tour for the first time and I was with a group of friends and whatnot that Warped Tour trip was awesome we stayed at one of my friends his sister's like 20 years older than us long story. And so in high school we stayed at her house with like her husband and her like kid and because she lived right near the venue and I'm betting It was then that was when I started I think off liking we the Kings first and I think that like forayed me into all time low and all that kind of stuff and paramore and yeah those were my first like three like core bands that were like these these my life

Kelly DeRoche 1:03:43

yeah, I think my first time so I think my like entrance into pop punk was my friend Natalie in middle school and high school. And she kind of knew like a lot more about the scene than I did and just kind of went to start going to show together and stuff. And I think she introduced me to them.

Michelle Villa 1:04:06

Oh, that's cool. So I got into the whole pop punk scene like gradually like I listened to blink back in the day Green Day. My Chemical Romance actually my seventh grade music teacher played I'm not okay for us. And that was the first time I ever heard that.

Brianne Brinkmann 1:04:22


Michelle Villa 1:04:23

yeah, it was relevant to the lesson and I thought it was like awesome. But like, I you know, that was I liked that type of music and so I kind of had that background to Fall Out Boy because that was popular on the radio those days. And then I was watching TV. And we do remember those like ringtone commercials where Yeah, like buy a song to be your ringtone?

Kelly DeRoche 1:04:49

Yeah. Oh my god. Yeah,

Brianne Brinkmann 1:04:50

they're like old school iTunes Store.

Yes. So not even a thing.

Michelle Villa 1:04:55

Like you had to like text the number. Yeah. So I see saw Dear Maria on there, I heard it and I was like, wow, I really like that song. Let me look it up. I found it on Limewire. I'm really dating myself. I found it on Limewire I was like, I love this song. It's fantastic. And you know, I wasn't the type of person to kind of like Oh, I love a song Let me listen to everything else this band has been has been something about all time low. I was like, I used to listen to every single song they have. And I probably got like 30 viruses as I downloaded every song All Time Low has ever made. And that was that was it for me. I was I was sold. I was a lifetime deal. Um, but yeah, no, I mean, it was definitely a dear Maria. That was what got me but then six feet under the stars became my favorite song. And it still is to this day. Really? Yeah. Hmm. I think I don't know. Maybe it's an attachment, but I do. I mean, honestly, I think there's only one song Like a cross thier, just discography that I really don't like, and it's therapy because

Brianne Brinkmann 1:06:06

I knew it

Kelly DeRoche 1:06:06

really? over Birthday?

Brianne Brinkmann 1:06:10

Oh, I forgot about birthday that day.

Kelly DeRoche 1:06:15

Okay. I like therapy. I actually really liked that song.

Brianne Brinkmann 1:06:20

Yeah, no, it is not. It's I can take it or leave it like it's not something I like need to hear when I'm at a show. But when it comes on, like my iTunes shuffle, I'm like, okay,

Michelle Villa 1:06:30

I mean, I'm always gonna sing along. But yeah, but if we're gonna choose, like, you know, power ballads or whatever, I'm going to pick like remembering Sunday or any of the other ones. Yeah, I think remembering Sunday over any of them all.

Brianne Brinkmann 1:06:48

Coffee shop soundtrack. I feel like it's still like, like, the bridge is like, for a long time. I wanted to get the lyrics tattooed on me, but then I was like, that is a long fucking tattoo.

Kelly DeRoche 1:06:56

Yeah, that'd be a lot of words.

Brianne Brinkmann 1:06:59

Yeah. would take forever so

Michelle Villa 1:07:02

I wanted I wanted I never made a I never told a lie and that makes me a liar that whole bit.

Brianne Brinkmann 1:07:11

That was what I wanted.

Michelle Villa 1:07:14

Yeah, I was gonna say that's Jasey Rae, right not coffee shop soundtrack. Oh,

Brianne Brinkmann 1:07:18

yeah. Oh my god. Wow, that was a brain fart

Michelle Villa 1:07:22

Yeah, you know what I like about all time low you know is I we were talking earlier about how you know bands sounds grow and like they may lose fans over that when they change their sound from like what they originally were and you know everybody's like oh you know the their old stuff was better and that's always the case that's what you found them on you know? But

Kelly DeRoche 1:07:43

not better. It's just like different. It's like who they started and now they've evolved as people as musicians and we get a different sound from them but it's just because they're growing up along with us.

Brianne Brinkmann 1:08:00

Yeah, yeah, I think that's also a reason why we all are very akin to them is because we're not too far off in age with them. So like, Michelle and I have discussed this a million times when weightless came out. That was our senior year of high school. And that entire song just described my, like, my rebellion going into college.

Michelle Villa 1:08:18

Yeah, feelings about it. Like, you know, I was stuck in this town. I wanted to get out. I was ready to go on to college and move on.

Brianne Brinkmann 1:08:25

Yeah, so there's that fucking rut, somewhere in neverland. And

then somewhere Neverland was our senior year of college, and we just openly cried when we heard it. I remember and then I made your senior video to that song

Michelle Villa 1:08:39

still makes me cry.

Brianne Brinkmann 1:08:41

And then, um, for me an extra layer they came out with. Oh my god, I'm blanking so hard. When I moved to Florida. I moved from Massachusetts to Florida. And they came out with 2017 it was on last young Renegade.


Kelly DeRoche 1:08:57

Yeah. Good times. Good times.

Brianne Brinkmann 1:09:00

Yes, good times. Thank you.

Michelle Villa 1:09:01

And you know, what's funny is that I that was the same thing for me because I moved back to New Jersey from San Francisco. And for me, it was like, I'll always have the good times that I had in San Francisco because I'm leaving now, you know. And so yeah, we have to say it was like, I had like, the exact same experiences with the songs and they grown up, and that's what I was trying to say before is that, you know, whether you stuck with them throughout throughout whether you found them now as they're, you know, with their newer albums, or you just listened to their old stuff, I think all time low has just such a far reaching audience like I you know, I've been going to shows for years and when I was 17, and you know, it was all teenage girls and stuff and you know, those teenage girls are still there. So they're, they're constantly bringing in new new people. And, you know, I it's just such a big community, I guess, you know, that like their fans are incredibly loyal. And like their love them and like the hustlers are, they're hardcore. I mean, I have a venue here in Jersey that they've done their like anniversary shows at and Starland always gets like really, Like scared come when it comes like time like for another album anniversary they're like okay you've been asking us for about a year and a half if they're gonna have an anniversary show guess what they are?

Yeah, it's but yeah like like I said they've got such like a far reaching spread and I think that's why I love them because like, you know, they're just relatable in every sense of the word and maybe that's just my experience, but I think it they are they're just relatable.

Kelly DeRoche 1:10:41

And I think their live shows are just like in their own breed like I mean, maybe maybe it's because we love them so much and like we love every single song that's on a setlist but they're just so fun and it's their personalities and you see like Jack and Alex's personalities come out when they're like performing together and all that

Brianne Brinkmann 1:11:03

while the other two dont do anything

Kelly DeRoche 1:11:05

but i love them so much it doesn't matter they could not even play their instruments and I would love them

Michelle Villa 1:11:12

yeah no I completely agree because I for me a live show is a lot of what no I wouldn't say makes or breaks but you know it definitely

Brianne Brinkmann 1:11:22

it takes your job to another level

Michelle Villa 1:11:24

it adjusts my perspective on a band like if they're not great live I'm gonna love them anyways but you know it's it does take away from my experience because I love concert going to concerts so much because that's another way to experience the music you love because your experience it like communally you know everybody there is just as excited as you are the air is like literally buzzing with, you know, anticipation, energy like excitement and you know it you get to share that with just so many strangers and you become friends like even for the night. And you know, you just feel so much more connected to the band. I think all time low really perpetuates that.

Brianne Brinkmann 1:12:05


Michelle Villa 1:12:06

Well, that was our quick little love. omage love poem. Love whatever

Brianne Brinkmann 1:12:15

love letter

Michelle Villa 1:12:16

love letter that was I love that like that to All Time Low. And you know, it's not always gonna be people like we're not always gonna talk about bands that were like madly in love with but

Brianne Brinkmann 1:12:28

for the first episode, we're not even gonna try to pretend

Michelle Villa 1:12:31

we're here. We're not going to try to pretend that we don't aren't. Like completely obsessed.

Kelly DeRoche 1:12:37

Maybe we can tone it down. probably not.

Michelle Villa 1:12:42

Yeah. So on to our next segment. And this segments super important to us. We had a on the mosh pit when we did it as a radio station. Back in the day, his radio show on radio station back in the day. concert fucking etiquette didn't we actually like do like a little song did i do like a fancy British voice to like introduce this?

Brianne Brinkmann 1:13:05

Oh my god. Oh my god you did

Kelly DeRoche 1:13:09

how could i forget that. Oh my god

Michelle Villa 1:13:11

hold on let me try Let me try to bring it back. Oh

and now it's time for concert etiquette

Brianne Brinkmann 1:13:21

something like that I don't remember yeah it was like

Michelle Villa 1:13:25

and I do a terrible British accent so it was never really bad

Brianne Brinkmann 1:13:30

really bad it was more It was more like proper than quote unquote English

Michelle Villa 1:13:34

yeah yeah but so it's it's something that we think is really important and we were just talking about how you know going to a live show like really amplifies your love for a band and you know because you you're sharing in this love of the band with so many people and you basically you need to not be an asshole so everybody enjoys the show our first ever as a podcast concert etiquette Rule is pick people the fuck up because we're in a mosh pit.

Kelly DeRoche 1:14:06

Say that with like a clap

like pick

Brianne Brinkmann 1:14:09

emojis like, motherfucker.

Kelly DeRoche 1:14:12

Yeah, like you need to say it with a clap emoji or like a physical clap, but whatever you feel just something needs to be in between those words.

Brianne Brinkmann 1:14:20

and this this topic is like, especially big to me, because literally, Michelle saved my life at a show because she picked me up. And it wasn't even in a moshpit. I was just trying to stand. And then yeah, it was bad. Anyway, she told that story, Michelle, because I just basically what happened to me is I'm on the ground crying because I can't stand up and people are like, stepping on my face.

Michelle Villa 1:14:42

So, yeah, it's very important when you're in a crowd because, you know, everybody's getting jostled, you know, even when you're not in the moshpit. Like sometimes the crowd moves, you lose your footing and people fall, you know, and like, it might not seem like a big deal like getting stepped on. But if you're trampled by a couple, quite a few people, it's gonna be bad. And especially in a moshpit, like, it's, it's just important to like, because then, you know, just bad things happen and you know, it ruins the whole vibe of the show when people get hurt. And, you know, we're like I said, we're all there to enjoy the same thing like we're, we're in it together. And but yeah, like for example like when Brianne fell it was just like,

Brianne Brinkmann 1:15:28

it was actually the all time low show where we met Kelly because then for the rest of the show, Kelly and I stood on the stairs because we didn't want to die.

Kelly DeRoche 1:15:35

Yeah, yeah. we were terrified

Michelle Villa 1:15:37

Yep. But yeah, so it's important because like to be paying attention because not everybody's gonna see when someone falls. So you have to go in as soon as you see someone and go for it. Like and I don't know if it's just because I've gotten older and maybe like more maternal, but every like, I get so much anxiety sometimes because most I'm 28 and a lot of kids I see it shows They're teenagers and you know, these might be some of their first shows they're going to they're not used to it, you know, I'm just always like,

Brianne Brinkmann 1:16:06

Oh, I'm still not used to it

Michelle Villa 1:16:07

I got you. I got you. I got you. Like I'm always the one picking people up. And you know, if you if someone sees someone picking someone else up, they're gonna help because and then that just kind of like kind of stops and like helps people fix the situation. It's it's just super important just for people not to get hurt.

Kelly DeRoche 1:16:23

Yeah, I feel like it's the rule whatever that psychology thing is where since there's so many people around you expect someone else will kind of take action.

Brianne Brinkmann 1:16:32

It's the bystander effect.

Michelle Villa 1:16:33


Kelly DeRoche 1:16:34

But you can't you can't let that get to you like if you see someone fall be that person and that goes and that goes and helps them

Michelle Villa 1:16:42

for sure. So that that's a is a this episodes concert etiquette. No, not good at all

I'll work on it guys. I'll get better. And so to end the show, Cuz, you know, we've talked about a lot of bands that you might know and bands that are popular and things, you know. So we like to, you know, let people discover new things. Because

Brianne Brinkmann 1:17:12

and can help us discover new things exactly.

Michelle Villa 1:17:16

Like so I was kind of almost for a good few years, I was almost anti new music because I'm like, No,I don't like anything, but I never was really giving stuff a chance. And then I actually

Kelly DeRoche 1:17:29

I know exactly what it was. It was state champs and neck deep. Yeah. You found both of them on some, spotify

Michelle Villa 1:17:38

think it might have been the pop punk not dead playlist. Yeah, it was them. And because I saw that they were going on tour, and I've been hearing a lot about them. So I was like, You know what, let me give them a chance. And I fell in love with both bands. And I had now have a neck deep tattoo. And yeah, I went to see them and yeah, they're they're one of my favorites. They're two of my favorites now. And so yeah, I think, you know, we get stuck in our nostalgia and our Love for certain bands but expanding our you know, knowledge of bands is always great especially like you know, if a helping out local bands to like the band we're going to talk about today blind choice I actually saw open up for patent pending in Pennsylvania and they are from Pennsylvania I forget what town but they're super young. They're around like 19 ish, I think blind choice. I introduced Kelly and Bri to them.

So I liked them a lot.

I thought they had a very Green Day vibe in my opinion. I did feel that Yeah, yeah, I did get that vibe, yeah, agreed a vibe so it was really cool. And it was like, you know, I was talking earlier about how like what modern pop punk is what it is, to me at least in that state champs neck deep, that kind of vibe. This high more of like a classic pop punk vibe. Again, like a Green Day and whatever it may be because I saw them live. They have So much energy. And I just sitting there excited about this band that I'd never heard and that's also why I like going early to shows because I like to see openers, but it was just the energy the drummer is just adorable. Like it's funny cuz, you know, I made a joke. When I saw them that back in the day I used to like, fall in love with band members now I'm like, I just want to adopt them. They're so cute

Kelly DeRoche 1:19:31

That's awesome. how times have changed

Michelle Villa 1:19:32

But yeah, so I I found the right I've started listening to them and I really enjoy them. I get Brianne and Kelly's opinions that they will now share. But I'm a fan and I think they're gonna go places. So blind choice, give them a listen and let us know @themoshpitpod on Facebook and Instagram what you think and if you agree with me or with you guys which go ahead and Explain your thoughts

Kelly DeRoche 1:20:02

I really don't have like I feel like I have a middle ground between both of your opinions. So I so what I I'll start with what I didn't like was I think the vocals need some development but like I didn't know they were only 19 so I see that probably improving a lot but I love the kind of like heavy rock feel to all the instrumentals and in the couple songs I took a listen to and then there was one part of Do you remember what song it was with? I dont exist. Was it that one with the with the background that ooohoo

Brianne Brinkmann 1:20:41

the background noise balance on the floor? I thought you liked Oh yeah,

Kelly DeRoche 1:20:46

one of those had a really cool little ref in the background and I loved it. I thought that was really cool. Something like that. It's always fun live to like sing along to and stuff like that.

Brianne Brinkmann 1:20:57

I do Take my take my opinions with a grain of salt because I also was a bad co host and I did not listen to them about 10 till about 10 minutes before we started recording the podcast. So I only got to like skim through a couple of other songs I will say I do the instruments and all of the music I do like I just can't get behind this guy singing he sounds like a whiny What's his face from ah yellowcard I can't think of his name.

Michelle Villa 1:21:26

Ryan key.

Brianne Brinkmann 1:21:27

Yeah, he sounds like a whiny, Ryan Key. like such a it's not bad. It's just I just I don't know. It's not your cup of tea.


Michelle Villa 1:21:36

See, I don't I don't hear him whining. I personally I think he's got a very like smooth vocal. And yeah, I mean, yeah, maybe obviously, like, like I said, they're young. They probably have Wait a ton of room for improvement. I mean, all time low. were far from perfect when they were young, but we'd love them anyway. So yeah, I definitely think They've got like, tons of potential. So, you know, I, five out of five recommend. So that's all we've got for you today.

Brianne Brinkmann 1:22:12

If guys want to send us things we should listen to for bands, discoveries, feel free to shout us out at our social media @themoshpitpod on Facebook and Instagram.

Michelle Villa 1:22:22

Yes. And, you know, if you like what you're hearing, come back and you know, tell us what you want to hear because we're open to feedback and constructive criticism. Don't be mean because we'll cry.

Brianne Brinkmann 1:22:36

No, not even that. It's just concert etiquette. Don't be a dick. There's no reason for it. Just be like, Hey, you guys could fix this. And we'll be like, cool, but you sound dumb. Like that doesn't help anyone.

Michelle Villa 1:22:50

Yeah, for sure.

Kelly DeRoche 1:22:52

Just like your constructive criticism about the blind choice's whining.

Brianne Brinkmann 1:22:56

Oh, that's it. You know what? You're right. I take it back. It's just not my cup if I didn't want to be you know what? I'll drink that humble tea real quick. Oh, there you go.

So I'll say that if he, if he gets like, because there are parts where he doesn't sound whiny, it's just the parts where he looks like the elongated notes. I'm just like, oh no stop. So if you can work on that, that is that is just that just that part. I think here you go

Kelly DeRoche 1:23:24

from the expert musical ear of Brianne

Brianne Brinkmann 1:23:28

who's never taken a musical class in my entire life. I actually know I took chorus in seventh and eighth grade, so Yeah, that kind of counts.

Michelle Villa 1:23:38

Alright guys, well, it has been real. It has been fun. It has been real fun. We will see you next time on The moshpit. Thanks so much for listening. And don't forget to follow us @themoshpitpod on Facebook and Instagram.

Rock on byeee

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