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Episode 1: Pop Punk's Not Dead Still Not Dead Not Dead Still Not

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Episode 1: Pop Punk's Not Dead Still Not Dead Not Dead Still Not

Episode Description:

Join Michelle, Brianne, and Kelly for the inaugural episode of the Moshpit Podcast. They discuss the subtle differences but also similarities between each genre of rock and put an end to the genre wars forever. The ladies talk about how My Chemical Reunion stole the thunder from The Moshpit's Reunion, gush over All Time Low's new single Some Kind of Disaster, puzzle over Haylee William's new music video, and cover a ton more music news. The band spotlight is full of the cohosts sharing incorrect facts. You could say, it was an All Time Low for them. The most critical segment of the show, Concert Etiquette,  boasts some terribly funny attempts at accents but also a sincere message to you. And like any good music podcast, they share their thoughts on a new music discovery. If you like the show, share with your friends!

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Michelle Villa 0:30

Welcome sadboys and punk rock princesses to the inaugural show of The Moshpit. My name is Michelle, and I'm joined here by my co-hosts. Introduce yourselves, guys.

Brianne Brinkmann 0:41

Hey, there I am Brianne.

Kelly DeRoche 0:44

Hi everyone. I'm Kelly.

Michelle Villa 0:46

So we say inaugural show because this is our first show as a podcast. But The Moshpit has actually been around like, what? 10 years, guys?

Brianne Brinkmann 0:57

It's a millennia.

Kelly DeRoche 0:58

We have a rich history.

Michelle Villa 1:00

Yeah, we were all friends from college. And, you know, we met through the music scene. Me and Brianne were, you know, freshmen together. And we bonded on Facebook over like the same music before we started school because, you know, we- that's how we met

Brianne Brinkmann 1:20

Facebook generation.

Michelle Villa 1:21

people for college. Right?

And, you know, we became friends. We were in a lot of the same classes because we were in the same major. And Brianne started The Moshpit as a radio show on our college radio station.

Brianne Brinkmann 1:34

With none of you. Yeah, I started it with this girl, Margie. She was like, let's do a radio show together. And I'm like, cool. And we ended up having it at like 8am on Saturdays, which was like the worst as a freshman. Like it was rough. And of course, the only people who ever heard it were like my parents, and then the hungover kids walking home from their one night stands. That's about it. But yeah, no, it was it was cool. It was nice to have a little foray into the music scene considering the fact that every one at Bryant was super preppy, and you know, into top 40 and rap and all that. So it was nice to find a little community that actually liked the music I liked. And that's honestly the basis of our friendship was started there. And then Michelle and I had actually met in person in our freshmen like learning class, which you skipped constantly.

Michelle Villa 2:24

Well, yeah, I mean, I think I knew how to like, adult how to be a- I mean, I didn't because I almost failed out my freshman year.

Brianne Brinkmann 2:32

Maybe that's why you shouldn't have skipped the classes. Anyways, but yeah, so then eventually, my other co-host just kind of stopped showing up and just didn't care. And I was doing all the work and I got annoyed and I was just like, Michelle, do this with me. Do this radio show with me.

Michelle Villa 2:46

But you know, I don't, but I don't think I joined The Moshpit until I think it was sophomore year.

Brianne Brinkmann 2:51

Yeah, it was sophomore year, because yeah, you started until second semester freshman year. So yeah, so yeah, it was the following semester when I went to go pick a time slot, I remember she was just like, yeah, I'm not doing this and I'm like, good because I don't want you to no offense.

Michelle Villa 3:05


Brianne Brinkmann 3:05

Like, I want someone who's gonna help me. And in all honesty, it kind of reversed roles once Michelle joined the team that she was just like so gung ho it did so much more work than I did. And I was like, this is great. No wonder why she did nothing.

Michelle Villa 3:19

But yeah, no. And then Kelly's a couple years younger than us and well, like we collected Kelly, me and Brianne. Basically did.

Brianne Brinkmann 3:29

She didn't really have a choice.

Michelle Villa 3:33

But yeah no. We met at an All Time Low show. Very, you know, that's so us.

Brianne Brinkmann 3:39

It's on brand.

Michelle Villa 3:40

Through a mutual friend. And yeah, Kelly joined in on the show. Pretty much, what? Your second semester right? Of college, Kel?

Kelly DeRoche 3:50

Yeah, I think so. It was pretty immediate.

Michelle Villa 3:54

So, you know, we like Kelly, I think said we have a rich history of The Moshpit.We have been rocking together for a long time and now we're ready to share the rock with you. And you know, we kind of have a whole system that we used to do and I think we're gonna take you through the same way we used to back in the day. You know, we're gonna talk some music news, we're gonna talk, some band, some new music, all the good stuff. And you know, we're gonna have lively discussions on topics in the scene. And, you know, let's jump in with one of the topics and I think the perfect way to start off the first show is discussing what our actual genres in this scene are. You know, there's so many sub genres of rock and my boyfriend, he hates pop punk, but we argue because a lot of the things that he listens to I think is like pop punk, and

Brianne Brinkmann 5:01

Wait, wait wait can we pause this for a second? How the hell did he pass my test? And I not know that he doesn't like pop punk Michelle. He just lost so many brownie points

Kelly DeRoche 5:12

Minus one.

Michelle Villa 5:12

But he'll get a point because he always goes to shows with me even though he does not like it.

Brianne Brinkmann 5:17

Okay okay so all right he gets them back. I was gonna say I'm like the one All Time Low show that was in town, I didn't even bother asking my boyfriend. I'm like I'm going by myself 'cause I don't want tp have to babysit you. Byee!

Michelle Villa 5:31

For sure. But yeah you know so there's there's a lot of I think arguments even within us that like are really in the scene that pay attention to the bands and everything like it's hard to define like what's punk what's pop punk? What's you know, indie. What's alternative?

Kelly DeRoche 5:50

Yeah, and for even for us, like I don't even when someone asked me what kind of music I listen to like what kind of music is All Time Low? Or The Maine I'm like, well, I say like 55 words to even like try to- I'm like uh it's well pop punk rock alternative.

Brianne Brinkmann 6:06

Do you guys- Do you guys know those- Do you guys know those videos that they do on YouTube of like kids reacting to like, whatever?

Michelle Villa 6:13

Oh, yeah.

Brianne Brinkmann 6:14

Well, there is there was one of them where Blink 182 watched kids reacting to their music.

Michelle Villa 6:21

I just watched that one.

Kelly DeRoche 6:23


Brianne Brinkmann 6:23

And they and they did this whole thing about how there isn't really genres anymore that everything just comingles and it's like, you know, people draw inspiration from all different crazy things, and there's no real way to nail down anything. So all of this stuff we're gonna discuss is like, very fluid and it just kind of depends on their personal opinions.

Michelle Villa 6:42

Yeah, I think they will bleed into each other a bit like, yeah, as, as you know, we were kind of touching base about this a bit before the show, you know, as we learned, like the actual, you know, Google definitions of all these genres. They're all pretty similar to be honest. So like, you know, I think to start with rock, you know, that is definitely the parent genre, like that's the catch all. And you know, it's literally defined as a broad genre of popular music. It originated as rock'n'roll in the United States in the early 1950s and developed into a different range of styles. So, you know, I think at this point, like what people consider rock is a lot of classic rock. You know, you'll see-

Brianne Brinkmann 7:29

Basically what our parents listened to.

Michelle Villa 7:30


Brianne Brinkmann 7:31

I mean I listen to them too but you know what I mean.

Michelle Villa 7:32

Like Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Queen, Guns and Roses all -those guys. I mean, I fucking love Queen.

Brianne Brinkmann 7:41

I was literally thinking that when you said Queen, I'm like QUEEN.

Michelle Villa 7:43

I saw them at Global Citizen this past summer with Adam Lambert. It was phenomenal. You know, Brian Mays can still get it. But uh, yeah, you know, that's like-

Brianne Brinkmann 7:56


Michelle Villa 7:56

No, I didn't mean like that. I meant like, you can get after like some music. I'm not- That's not what I meant!

Brianne Brinkmann 8:03

I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself.

Michelle Villa 8:05

Don't put words in my mouth, you dirty, dirty girl. But yeah, you know, rock. It's just kind of like the whole genre, but it also is kind of like associated with classic rock.

Brianne Brinkmann 8:20

Yeah, 'tis the umbrella that all of these things hide under.

Michelle Villa 8:23

For sure. And then, you know, alternative from what I gather about alternative, it's basically all encompassing on the rock that we listen to. Well, well, I think anything honestly,

Kelly DeRoche 8:35

I feel like it's like modern. Yeah, it's like modern rock. It's like, when you hear just rock, you think classic rock. And then when you hear alternative, it's just like, modern rock to me.

Michelle Villa 8:49

Well, yeah, for sure.

Brianne Brinkmann 8:49

I agree with that.

Michelle Villa 8:50

You definitely get some of like, the bands that maybe kind of were like, you know, maybe 90s starting and they like they're still popular today. And they've kind of defined what it is these days, you know, because, you know, as I was looking for definitions I- Google also listed like artists in the genre. And alternative got like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam and Nirvana, but also Green Day, My Chemical Romance and Blink 182 too. And I think those are just very different, very different bands.

Kelly DeRoche 9:21


Michelle Villa 9:22

And I guess that goes back to what we were saying before about, uh, you know, all these kind of genres mixing. And then, you know, we've got punk rock. And that's where I think, you know, things like, things get heated in the scene because like, you know, like real punks.

Brianne Brinkmann 9:39

Like, I've literally never even heard of two of these bands. Like, Who the hell is Black Flag and Dead Kennedys?

Kelly DeRoche 9:44

Dead Kennedys?

Michelle Villa 9:45

You don't know who Dead Kennedys is guys? Oh, no.

Brianne Brinkmann 9:49

Remember, remember the upcoming segments that are happening in the show?

Michelle Villa 9:54

For sure. Yeah, you know,

Brianne Brinkmann 9:56

We'll do one on there.

Michelle Villa 9:58

As much as you know, we we love this music and stuff. You know, we were we've grown up a bit over the years we're adults with like real jobs so it's hard to keep up. And you know, for some of us it's harder than others right Brianne?

Brianne Brinkmann 10:11

Don't judge me! I have a- I have to like keep like I own a house now. Okay? There's a lot of shit to do with that. Owning property isn't easy.

Kelly DeRoche 10:22


Michelle Villa 10:24

Yeah, for sure. But you know I think like where a lot of big like clashes over you know genre definitions. It comes from like punk rock because you know, I listen to pop punk we all listen to pop punk the most I would say but you know people kind of shit on me for like listening to pop punk because they're like, Oh, that's not like real punk. You know, pop or real punk rock's the Ramones? The Clash, you know? Yeah. And that, you know, namely my boyfriend. He makes fun of me for that stuff. But, you know, I don't know I think it just kind of, you know, goes down. It's all they're all like umbrellas for each other because under punk rock you're gonna get pop punk. You know I think- I think with a lot of pop punk it's also like a spectrum you know? There's like-

Brianne Brinkmann 11:11

Oh yeah

Michelle Villa 11:11

-some things are a little bit more punky Some things are a little bit more poppy but they're still pop punk right you know because I mean you know New Found Glory, Blink, Green Day, Fall Out Boy some of them have like- they're- you know, some of the classic pop punk bands but they're like you know, I- almost grittier versus like someone like All Time Low like- eh New Found Glory is not that gritty. But you know what I mean?

Brianne Brinkmann 11:35

Yeah, My Chemical Romance is more gritty than you know. Like they're more on the gritty scale than New Found Glory.

Michelle Villa 11:41

Yeah, well they're they're also a little bit more emo but they they also fall under pop punk. So see, that's where we are again, are seeing these-

Brianne Brinkmann 11:45

My Chemical Romance cannot be defined.

Michelle Villa 11:48

They cannot be defined.

Brianne Brinkmann 11:49

They cannot be defined. I'm a thespian now. It's fine.

Michelle Villa 11:55

But yeah, you know, and then there's neon pop punk, which is even like, more like bubblegum to me. Well, not really. I mean-

Kelly DeRoche 12:01

I thought this one was so cool. I had no idea this was the thing at all.

Brianne Brinkmann 12:04

Yeah, I agree.

Kelly DeRoche 12:06

I just think it's so accurate. And I feel like when I read the names of these bands, Metro Station, 3OH!3, Cobra Starship, Cash Cash, White Tie Affair, like, that's exactly like, it fits so perfectly to that name. And it's like, summertime, windows down, blasting and like screaming, singing kind of music. And like, that's awesome.

Michelle Villa 12:26

Synthy. It's a lot more poppy. But it's still you know, rock.

Kelly DeRoche 12:42

It's like exciting and like dancy kind of.

Michelle Villa 12:45

Are they bops, Kel?

Kelly DeRoche 12:47

Oh, yeah, they're bops

Brianne Brinkmann 12:49

but also their music is a lot more like a top 40 friendly, if you will, like a lot of people I know, like songs from these bands versus like, you know, Green Day Whatever like that stuff's way more niche. But like my sister who is not a rock person, like Eminem was her favorite artist growing up. She loves like 3OH!3and Cobra starship and all this stuff, but like, basically, individual songs like, these bands are a lot more individual songs rather than like someone's gonna listen to their discography.

Michelle Villa 13:22

Oh, for sure.

Brianne Brinkmann 13:24

Yeah. discographies that's the right word. Like I'm like that's right. Yeah. sounded weird.

Kelly DeRoche 13:29

Yeah below like our our one hit wonders. Kind of.

Michelle Villa 13:33

Yeah, yeah, for sure. And I mean, it's definitely I think it's the kind of it's the pop punk genre that makes it to the radio because it it does. Yeah, it's like a bigger audience can will jam to it. It's not it's we're not in the you know, 90s early 2000s where rock was on the radio, you know, all you get these days are Ariana Grande, Camilla Cabello, Shawn Mendez. And yeah, I mean, I like that music, but it it doesn't I think expand anybody's musical palette.

Do I sound pretentious? Because I want you to say

and then you know, we've got Emo. Now emo is interesting because it's just you wouldn't most people will think emo just think of emo they don't think of it as like rock music, but it's rock music it's just really sad rock music and it's definitely like punk ish and you know, and you know, like black like my soul. Yeah, exactly makes you want to cry. But it was really funny when I was like I said, when I was looking up all these definitions, Google had Skrillex listed as the first artist for emo

Brianne Brinkmann 14:44

get the fuck out of here No.

Michelle Villa 14:49

That just like totally threw me for a loop like what I think emo I My Chemical Romance is like number one, first of all, and like, you know, you get Taking Back Sunday and dashboard. And Hawthorne heights like Ohio's for lovers. Oh my god yeah emo anthem.

Brianne Brinkmann 15:04

Oh my god. Yeah. Oh my god I can't think of the name of the band but I there was like I can see the album cover it's the one with the Spaceman on it. Oh it's brand new pretty colors but

Michelle Villa 15:15

brand new.

Brianne Brinkmann 15:16

Yes them too.

Kelly DeRoche 15:18

Yeah. I feel like Mayday parade it's like,

Brianne Brinkmann 15:21

oh, yeah,

Michelle Villa 15:23

they're they're definitely super emo. Like I it's like I mean miserable at best. Let's Get Real but

Brianne Brinkmann 15:28

I was literally singing that in my head. I'm like, Katie Don't cry what? Yeah.

Michelle Villa 15:34

But I'm going back to brand new I actually don't listen to them anymore. I mean, I was never a huge fan. I haven't in years, but they he is now not entirely sure what came of it but he there were like sexual assault allegations against the same the front man. And so if you know, you know what the cancel culture of the internet these days, a lot of people were not just like brand new. Yeah, and it was like heartbreaking for a lot of people because like, you know these.. The thing about rock and a lot of these genres is that they like it's different from pop and I think rap because I think they really just define people's personalities they define people's lives. You know, you get so attached to the these, this music and these bands that like, you know, hearing something like that's gonna kill you, you know, it's it gives you like an identity crisis almost. Yeah, you know, and then this is a little bit more outside of our genre, you know, screamo and metal core.

Brianne Brinkmann 16:34

I feel like screamo still I listened to all these bands at one point, the metal core definitely is outside my


Michelle Villa 16:42

I definitely have a few stuff like screamo which apparently screamo was a derivative of crunk core. I don't know. What the fuck that is

Brianne Brinkmann 16:53

what the actual fuck is crunk core I'm sorry.

Kelly DeRoche 16:56

These words have to be made up like

Brianne Brinkmann 17:00

Definitely, but

Michelle Villa 17:02

But yeah, no, I mean, screamo is it's like it's emo, but it's just that aggressive emo, and

Brianne Brinkmann 17:08

I hate you loudly.

Kelly DeRoche 17:13

But is

the most accurate description of any genre I've ever heard. i hate you loudly

Michelle Villa 17:22

But yeah, they put Skrillex again, Google. I don't know why they're so like Skrillex is these genres. I don't know. I don't like it.

Kelly DeRoche 17:32

I bet you know how much but I don't. I just don't believe it.

Michelle Villa 17:35

I don't agree. Yeah. But, you know, like screamo I used to listen to senses fail all the time. When I was in high school. Silverstein just listened to a couple of songs. Bless the fall I don't listen to but I follow Beau Bokan on Instagram. Married, he's married to lights. They're just the cutest family with their daughter. Rocket.

Brianne Brinkmann 17:58

I was living literally about to ask is that the people who have the baby

Kelly DeRoche 18:02

She's not a baby now, she's like what six now or something close and she's just as like cool and like it's so cool stuff like it's way cooler than me. Love that

Brianne Brinkmann 18:18

got me. Yeah,

Michelle Villa 18:19

seriously and then like we said we thought metal core was a little bit outsider our stuff but I still listen to some of this stuff it's a derivative of screamo but it's like

Brianne Brinkmann 18:30

Killswitch Engage hell yeah .

Michelle Villa 18:32

Yes, Killswitch Engage. You know the only reason I listen to Killswitch Engage was because a guy I had a crush on in high school was like a huge fan and like his Instagram -- His AIM screen name was

Brianne Brinkmann 18:47

oh my god deep cuts right now. AIM

honestly say I've never called it aim it was always aim.

Michelle Villa 18:57

Aim weird yet If funny, that's interesting, but it for all those really young listeners out there because you know, there's so many of you right now.

And some of you might not know what aim or aim is. It was AOL Instant Messenger. So, you know, it was just you know, it was our way to communicate in the late 90s, early 2000s. You know, I think we're really showing our age here.

Brianne Brinkmann 19:25

Yeah, back when dial up was a thing. You had to yell at your mom to get off the phone in order to use the internet.

Michelle Villa 19:29

They don't know what dial up is either. And then, you know, we could go on and on you know, there's grunge there's post-grundge. There's post punk scape heavy metal deathcore Nintendo core Evo rap, so many

Kelly DeRoche 19:44

Nintendo core?.

Brianne Brinkmann 19:46

Wait what hell is Nintendo core?

Kelly DeRoche 19:48

Patent Pending. they have their own genre

Michelle Villa 19:50

100% . It's like a it's like an eight bit like nerdy. It's like nerdy subjects and then like they've got that kind of like video game sound. Okay,

Kelly DeRoche 20:02

yeah, that's awesome. I don't know anyone like that. Aside from patent pending.

Michelle Villa 20:07

there's a there's a couple of bands that I'll show you or maybe we'll talk about them on the show at some point we'll do a whole segment on Nintendo core. Oh, God, I thought I honestly thought when you say patent pending that you meant Nintendo core, you were naming it and it was quote unquote, patent pending. I didn't realize it was a band. No, it's a band, Bri. But you know, like I said, there's just so many like, I mean, even Indie falls under the rock genre, but that's just like so far removed from like, the stuff that we listen to though. I do still like a lot of this stuff.

Brianne Brinkmann 20:36

Like I say, all of those bands I listen to, um, I just the strokes. I don't really listen to them. Yeah,

Michelle Villa 20:40

like Vampire Weekend Arcade Fire Mumford and Sons, modest mouse, Arctic Monkeys, the strokes, the strokes was actually they played at a more Bernies rally was Bernie they, they had a he had a rally a week or two ago. I think it was in New Hampshire. And it may not And played at the rally. It was just like how blew my mind that he would this?

How old is he? 70 something. It

has like a band like the strokes play at his rally, which I thought was pretty cool. But uh, uh, but yeah, you know, and I guess that that shows like how expansive really rock is and, you know, anybody can listen to any of these genres at any time. Even if it's just a song. It's just a band. It's a there's so much to the rock genre. And I think the conclusion became to to shut down all arguments across the internet forever, is that rock is all the same. You can't really define a lot of bands and music and stuff. And that's a that's that is the final conclusion. Are we in agreement? No,

Kelly DeRoche 21:47

you're welcome. I feel I feel like that's good. We solved it, guys. We solved it.

Michelle Villa 21:51

So now we're gonna go on to music news. And we're gonna start off with probably one of the biggest news is the scene from in a while. They knew we were thinking about getting the band back together so they got theirs back together first and totally stole our thunder. My Chemical Romance has reunited after actually I think it was they went on hiatus the same year we stopped doing the mosh pit which was 2013 when me and Brianne graduated. Hey Kelly and Paige did it. The mosh pit after you graduated Yeah, you guys did it for like, what a semester.

Kelly DeRoche 22:32

No, we did it until i graduated!